Happy (and peculiarly late) Easter to our readers

David Davis

It’s 2014, and almost four years after (some of us) elected a load of self-regarding cheapskate tightwad moochers who were thought to be slightly less venal that the previous thirteen years of identical moochers.

In reality little has changed: the moochers and the bureaucrats are still in charge, but mostly busy trying to defame, talk down and generally smear another lot of wannabe-moochers. Although the ferocity with which this is being conducted suggests that the parvenu-moochers aren’t quite like the incumbent moochers, and may actually reduce career-mooching opportunities if allowed to get near the “destruct” levers.

We can but hope: it’s all there is now.


  1. Nigel Farage likes sex and money, and may pursue both with a less than seemly enthusiasm. But he is less unseemly than anyone I can think of in the regime parties, and he isn’t a traitor. I propose to look the other way and continue voting UKIP.

    • Absolutely. Also since he seems publicly to like sex and money, at least then he is honest about it (sort of).

      This is somewhat unlike the faux-puritanism and fake morality of our current slavemasters, always and invariably found in the end with their hands in the till or up some (other fellow’s) bum.

      I too will vote UKIP. My rather shabby car now carries a large yellow/violet UKIP sticker in the back window, which is attracting unwelcome attention and ire from mainly other white male drivers – a fact I find intriguing.

      • Oh, the puritanism is real David. Every true puritan’s diary consists of innumerable entries of the form,

        Monday, 16th September 1624
        ‘Tis to my shame that on this day again I succumbed to the snares of Satan with my good wife’s lady’s maid. I have pray’d to the Lord, and His grace informed me that I must reinforce my will with an even more furious sermon to the lower orders this Sunday, and shall press the magistracy for more thorough whippings of those lower orders discover’d in sinful indulgences”.

        Tuesday, 17th September 1624
        To Madam Brompton’s bawdy house, where in the pursuit of evangel I endeavor’d the salvation of the corrupted by strong words of the Lord’s book. Howev’r, ’tis to my shame that by Satan’s corruption and the succumbing to strong drink, I somehow found myself abed with three fallen women, a boy and a mule…

    • You’ve abandoned the “vote Tory because they might be one nano-util better than Labour” philosophy then Sean?


      • I think so. It is a valid argument that the lesser of two evils is the lesser of two evils. But there comes a point when it’s too hard to conclude from the shifting differences in each case which is the lesser and which the greater. Also, I do believe the Tories will win an overall majority next year. Since they don’t need my vote, I shan’t need to dirty myself by giving it.

  2. Well, without having him followed 24 hrs a day, it’s not easy knowing how much he likes sex. He went to work in the city so suspicion about his liking of money is on firmer ground.

    What’s really important is that he’s a politician who’s caught the public’s attention at a time when most of them are despised. Second most important, is that he’s wanting to preserve a little of the little that remains of our traditional way of life. For that reason alone, I’ll also be voting for him.

    Mr Davis didn’t help my Easter one bit but, sadly, I agree with every word he says. Things for the old country do seem to be bad and getting worse.

    My wife and I called off to place flowers on my parent’s grave yesterday. The church yard is an absolute disgrace. Headstones smashed and sometimes entire graves vandalised. Weeds and bramble growing like crazy. Litter and dog excrement lying all over the wretched place.

    So I made a telephone call later in the day and it turned out that the local authority were among the worst culprits. It seems that they sent their own vandals in the church yard with instructions to tear down any headstone that showed even the slightest sign of movement. My grandparent’s headstone had been pulled down and there were scratches and muddy tyre tracks all over it.

    It’s to protect the children; I was told by a man on the phone who thought the information might help. I reminded the sod that it’s a fact, not an idea, that hundreds, if not thousands by now, of our most vulnerable young females being repeatedly raped by foreign guests right in the here and now. I suggested to the cretin, that if the council have staff to spare, instead of vandalising sacred ground they’d be better employed helping the police catch the rapists. Then, when the rapists have all been rounded up, perhaps they can start to think more about the tots who are being allowed to wander about unsupervised in church yards.

    VOTE UKIP Let’s start out afresh.

    Other than that, try your very best to have a nice Easter everybody. It’s great time of Year. Mr Davis, do listen to Diana Durbin singing ‘When April Sings’ on utube. It’ll cheer you up no end… or reduce you to tears.

  3. The whole “red party” and “blue party” thing seems a complete sham and a pantomime to me. They have both took it in turns to wreck this country in ways that are extremely hard to remedy.

    The Labour lot were particularly cunning and brazen at this effort, with the Conservatives not lifting much of a finger to undo anything – in fact, they were too stupid or too complicit in it all to do anything about it.

    The whole parading around of that Maria Miller woman was another masterpiece in fakery to me, where one side gets to try and bash the other side for political gain – when both of them are up to their eyeballs in it.

    It is just a game, a show, feasted on by the media organs to either fill their rolling news stations or to cover up much more important news that the state seeks to hide, much like when the LIBOR scandal was broken in this country, possibly the biggest financial scam of all time, we were treated to nothing but 24 hour coverage of Tom Cruises divorce and the threat of Scientology over his estranged wife.

    In recent years I have come to despise “democracy” as we currently have it. I believe it is called “representative democracy”, where hand selected representatives, upon winning their seat, proceed to do whatever the main party (and their backers) tell them to do – and whatever they want to do, irrespective of common sense and common wishes, particularly if it means advancing their own party interests till next term.

    One team comes in with a different version of the same agenda, then the other lot comes in and undoes all the billions the last lot spent trying to overturn the stint of government they took over from! Whether it is schools, hospitals, the border farce, police or whatever else.

    On and on it goes, round and around, the “boo yeeaaar!” and “here here!” sheep calls from the green benches whilst we sink into the abyss.

    Still, it could always be worse – and on present trends it will be – so let’s enjoy Easter whilst we still can.

  4. The fact is that without acknowledging the eternal there is no solution.
    As dear Bob said: There are no truths outside the gates of Eden.
    And if you insist in getting caught in the propaganda and subterfuges, well, that is your prerogative, Ian.

  5. The notion the Cons will get reelected gives me the heeby geebies! Still it will not be my vote that edged them in.

  6. I also like sex and money but have no ambition to enter parliament. In my experience, having money enables access to higher class tarts and saves one from the indignity of knob rot.

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