The FoodNazi farm-animal-Police dishonoureth us, doth bully us and yea, seriously degradeth us (from and old and unremembered tongue-twister)

David Davis

Here we see the Salt-Nazis regrouping for another attempt to either ration salt, or tax it, or both. As War Secretary of an incoming British Libertarian Minimal-Statist Classical-Liberal government’s first administration, I’m not especially worried about these people, for they will simply “have to go”. What salt is in what purchased food will become a matter for the manufacturing sellers and their buyers, as is good and right.

However, there is hope for proper capitalism still since there seem to be enough people still alive who are old enough to write stuff like the following:-

I have no objection against government offering advice and to an extent it is duty bound to pass it on. I don’t, however, go along with the tiresome narrative that food companies are evil because they deliberately hide toxic, addictive, additives to make profits knowing full well that it is killing their customers. Go along with that and one ends up demanding that the state should protect us by ‘acting’ against ‘Big Food’. It’s a trope that is encouraged by the WHO and ‘health’ activists, peopled as they are by those whose agenda is to use health as a tool for attacking western capitalism via global companies. Simplistic though it is, the idea of sinister corporations covertly poisoning populations to make money is a powerful one and seems to find sympathy with many people. I’m quite sure that in the ideal world as envisaged by the WHO and it’s cohorts that state food rationing would be the norm. Perhaps by manufacturing fears of ‘Big Food’ it will eventually encourage a demand for the state to control the food supply? Some might want this, I don’t know, but it certainly isn’t a world I’d wish to inhabit.


  1. They do more harm than good, these people.
    Since the “war on sugar” it has become impossible to buy squash (you know , good old-fashioned mix it with water squash) that does not contain artificial sweetners. It was never an issue before, (I simply didn’t drink it) but has become apparent to me since my wife gave birth. Even squashes that are advertised as being “free from artificial colours or preservatives ” contain artificial sweeteners. The only exception being Ribena.
    Whether you believe artificial sweeteners to be harmful or not (I do. I also believe sugar to be harmful in excess but I’d pick sugar over aspartame every time, not least because it tastes better) the point is that due to state pressure and propoganda campaigns there is now no choice whatsoever. This is a microcosm for the food industry overall.
    Next they will “encourage ” food manufacturers to switch salt for “lo-salt” (which merely switches half the sodium for another salt, I forget which) and you wont have any choices there, either.

  2. Good post and a good point.

    Certainly a “Nudged” choice is not a free choice.

    A state “Libertarian Paternalist” is a contradiction in terms.

  3. The key thing to understand about the Puritan paradigm is…

    oh, whatever, that usual shit I come out with.

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