Kick Anti-Racism out of Football!

D J Webb

I’m personally sick of football being used to promote the politics of racial and national dispossession.

Football fans should not be subject to political propaganda of any type. There should be no link between attending a football match and espousing right-on views on racial relations.

UEFA and any other football association should have no policies on race and racism, and no footballer should be investigated by kangaroo courts held to establish his political views.

I should add that I regard football as a low-brow interest, and I’m not a supporter of any team, and I know nothing about the off-side rule. My only focus in this article is on the _politicisation of football_.

We read today that Chelsea fans excluded a black man from an Underground train in Paris. Apparently, they were recorded on a mobile phone as chanting about “racism”. Chelsea football club has agreed to act as an arm of the state by supporting criminal prosecution of its own supporters (???).

Yet I was pleased to see that Mitchell McCoy, a Chelsea fan, has denied the man was excluded from the train for being “black”, and it was probably, if anything, because he was a Paris St. Germain fan. Moreover, the carriage was full and there was no room for anyone else. He also claimed that the chant was about club captain, John Terry (banned for four matches and fined after an Orwellian inquest into his political views).

It’s nice to see someone stand up and be counted — and McCoy will probably now face an attempt to link him to the incident and even remove his season ticket.

The common thread in many such incidents is the sneakiness of people who try to record other people using free speech in a way that violates politically inspired speech codes. Even where genuine resentment of ethnic minorities is recorded, that is not “racism”, as the definition of racism is politically inspired, and  it is not racial hatred of others to think we have gone down the wrong path in allowing so many millions of unassimilable people to move to Western countries. Even where expressed in an unpalatable fashion, this is an inchoate expression of resentment of what has been done to us.

For the avoidance of all doubt here, I don’t think altercations with members of the ethnic minorities are productive, given that they are a protected political class; but I do support the right of Englishmen to express themselves in insulting language to people who have arrived en masse in countries like England and France.

Pushing someone off a Tube train could be a very minor form of assault, but if the carriage is full it could also be seen as a natural way of allowing the train to proceed on its journey. It makes no difference what was being chanted at the time. A full carriage is a full carriage.

The villain of the piece is the man — apparently an Englishman — who recorded the incident on a mobile phone. I would like to see a legal change that prevented all such footage from being admissable in court or from leading to any kangaroo court-style proceedings by football associations. It is unacceptable that some git is trying to record your inchoate expressions in order to frame you for some political crime or other. Where serious violence took place, that would be different, but as long as this sort of thing is just recording people’s views, and things like an attempt to exclude someone from a full carriage for unknown and unknowable reasons, such mobile phone footage should never lead to official investigations. The police should be required by law to concentrate on real crime. The football clubs and the Football Association should be banned from promoting anti-racism to club members.

The worst thing about this is that English people do not rally round their own. Mitchell McCoy is a 17-year-old young man, and if he faces any action in connection with his comments, a healthy English society would see millions of people defend him.


    • The GramscoFabiaNazis, not having any sort of sense of humour, really think you are Nigel Farage.

      It is actuall very sad, if it were not merely vastly funny.

    • Nor could I. we need a Campaign for real Football-how about the players’ union taking action about their members being fined for expressing opinions on nonfootballing matters?

      • Do you actually know what we now mean, in the English Language, when we say the word “Rotherham”?

        Do you know what that now means?

        Is that not “racist”, as a term possibly relating to the thousands and thousands of ordinary White Ethnic British People who live, and have lived for centuries, in “Rotherham”.

        Has not a form of “racism” – conducted for “non whites” against “whites”, with the connivance of the “authorities”, now _corrupted_, for possibly ever, the word “Rotherham”?

        Do you care about this?

        I pause for your reply.

    • Do you actually know what we now mean, in the English Language, when we say the word “Rotherham”?

      Do you know what that now means?

      Is that not “racist”, as a term possibly relating to the thousands and thousands of ordinary White Ethnic British People who live, and have lived for centuries, in “Rotherham”.

      Has not a form of “racism” – conducted for “non whites” against “whites”, with the connivance of the “authorities”, now _corrupted_, for possibly ever, the word “Rotherham”?

      Do you care about this?

      I pause for your reply.

  1. Are you serious? Do you not think that white men chanting ‘we’re racist’ and pushing a black man off a train is somewhat racist? You claim to have no real interest in football and it seems you have no real interest in racial equality either. You’re part of this problem and the sooner people like you either learn or go away entirely, the better.

    Reverse this entire situation and I think your feelings would be somewhat different and you’d no doubt be ready to go to war. Pathetic.

    • If they were chanting “we’re racist”, it’s because state propaganda over decades has pushed the view that opposition to multiculturalism and immigration is racist. They’re not really racist. I don’t expect a single one of them hated anyone on account of racial origin per se. So if they chanted that, it might mean they accept that they fall under the STATE’s PERVERTED DEFINITION OF RACISM, which is not the same thing at all. Don’t forget an attack by Somali girls on a white woman shouting “kill the white bitch” led to no prison sentence – because the judge decided they’d been drinking and in their culture they weren’t used to alcohol – and so serious violence accompanied by racial hatred can be swept under the carpet if the victims are white. The state’s definition should never be accepted.

      • If chanting ‘we’re racist’ isn’t a more transparent demonstration that somebody is racist, I really struggle to think what would be. Moron.

        • If I chanted “I’m a Green! I’m a Green! That’s the way that you say I must be!” …

          Or, how about this poem then? …

          “We’re all green! We’re all green!
          We recycle all stuff!
          That’s the way that
          we all like to be!”

          Would you believe that I believed in GreeNazi-environmentalism then?

          Would you?

          Would you similarly believe that all those White Ethnig British Blokes on the Paris Underground are all, actually, really, what you and yours call “RACIST”?

          Would you?

        • Who CARES? Has any doctor ever written “Cause of death; Being called a nigger?”

          Grow up and get over it. A bit of name calling never hurt any one.

      • I find the idea that these moronic thugs believe they ‘fall under the state’s perverted definition of racism’ laughable. They’re racist idiots and anyone who can’t see that is deluded and probably a little unwell.

        This blog is either trolling of the highest order or you’re all EDL thinly veiled as something else. I feel sorry for you.

        And of course it’s terrible that Somali girls attacked a white woman and they should have been punished. But that doesn’t excuse this. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that.

    • Am I right that today’s Anglosphere Universities and “social scientists” teach that “ONLY WHITE PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST”? And that the “crime” of “racism” is “institutionally white”?

      Are “non white” people jurisprudentially thought to be capable of committing “racist” acts?

      Are you able to verify this belief? You sound like you might be able to.

      I’m really only asking because I’d like to know what the current agreed terms of public discourse are in academic circles, about this matter.

      • I am afraid I agree with our newcomers that the Chelsea fans here are obviously racist. It is foolish to protest otherwise. But I don’t care. Anti-racism certainly should certainly be kicked out of football, and expressing rude views, including racist ones, must not be criminalised.

        • By now the word “racism” is almost meaningless, so you don’t have a point. These fans know that the easiest way to troll the establishment is to say “racist” things. They’re just spitting back the approved words, whatever will do the job. Have you analysed their deepest thoughts for the race crime within?

          Look how staggeringly easy it is to get a rise out people these days!

          • “These fans know that the easiest way to troll the establishment is to say “racist” things.”

            Good points – the ‘professionally offended’ seem to be everywhere these days.

    • The Chelsea fans behaviour is nothing to condone, but I do take the author’s general point. When 10 years ago Nick Griffin of the BNP was being criminally charge for racial charged statements, I thought you racist pig, I hope they bang you up for a long time. The bastard even had the temerity to say that Muslim Pakistanis were sexually abusing under age white girls……….

      Trying to shut down legitimate debate on immigration by screaming racist anytime someone wanted a free and open discussion has brutally backfired on “liberals”. To deliberately muddy the waters between pointing out unfavourable, undeniable patterns of behaviour among an identifiable group and venal hate based on ethnicity now seems to mean that many people have given up trying to draw a line of delineation between scepticism and racism. Britain has a fine reputation for adopting epithets as badges of honour. Spurs supporters identify as “Yids,” Brits by Irish Republicans, WW1 soldiers The Old Contemptibles after Bismark’s slur.

      To fascistly close down any debate by shouting racist at any point has now spectacularly backfired and you can lie in your own bed of folly.

  2. Wow, so this bloke is clearly a bigot.

    You can always tell by how cross they get that they aren’t allowed to be racist any more.

  3. Once again Mr Webb’s writing is right on the money.

    Obviously not just a man well informed but a man blessed with the ability to resist more than half a century of government mandated public brainwashing.

    Sadly, the only way left for many men to now neutralize the word ‘racist’ is to keep right on repeating it. I am a racist. I am a racist. I am a racist. After that it will be necessary, of course, to keep repeating many other words: I am a bigot. I am a fascist… and so forth.

    A tiny price to pay however for those who wish to preserve the hard-won freedoms of thought and verbal expression.

    It’s time plod started to hunt down criminals. They might want to make that start in Rotherham.

    • Yes, John Warren, you’re right. None of these people worried about a black man not being allowed in a Tube carriage would have had anything to say about the mass child rape of English girls in Rotherham and other towns. Scotland Yard are investigating the Chelsea fans – but they clearly weren’t so interested in the Rotherham case (and no charges will be brought against the police and the council in Rotherham).

  4. They didn’t assault him because he was black. It’s because he was a PSG fan! Just look. The victim was clad head-to-toe in PSG ultras’ trademark ‘formal office attire’.

    • inchoate
      adjective: inchoate

      just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
      “a still inchoate democracy”
      confused or incoherent.
      “inchoate proletarian protest”
      (of an offence, such as incitement or conspiracy) anticipating or preparatory to a further criminal act.


      • My meaning is that “ranting” about racial issues is inchoate, in that it is an incoherent and imperfect expression of views people lack the language to give voice to in an articulate way. But inchoate expression of resentment is not racial hatred.

      • This is why I addressed my question to the author. Which one of these was the intended use of the word in this article?

  5. Golly! That got people out of the woodwork, didn’t it!

    You know…I’m now in my writings starting to refer to the ethnicity – the specific one – of British GreeNazis and GramscoFabiaNazis.

    I call them, variously depending on how I remember to type it “White Ethnic British (various type of)Nazis”, depending on which type I happen to be writing about.

    I don’t exactly find myself killed in the rush of metropolitan “liberals” calling for my prosecution for a “hate-crime”. This is because I am testing the partiality of the current Law by specifically execrating white British People.

    But if I said something like “Bro*n E**nic ______(specific type redacted)____ R*ping Effing p****phile Bastards”, I guess that the Police would have me and my entire family out of our front door so fast that our feet might not even scrape the ground.

  6. I knew a great defender of free speech named David Webb. Any relation? Because I too am sick of football and other sports being ruined by PC busybodies.
    I remember Muhammad Ali’s anti-white and Bobby Fischer’s anti-Jewish rantings but they were still among the greatest in their sports. I also remember Peter Hain’s thugs attacking South African sportsmen and a Greek triple jumper being banned from the Olympics for supporting Golden Dawn.

    • Would I get prosecuted and my “twitter account” closed, for saying that the International Olympic Committee is a racist hate-crime-committing organisation? One that organises mass-fascist self-regarding public smugfests, and that went on to ban a Greek bloke because of his political views?

      I’ve got a twitter thingy, but I have never written anything on it seeing that it just seems to get people into trouble. I do have about 20+ “followers” though.

  7. “Even where genuine resentment of ethnic minorities is recorded, that is not “racism”, as the definition of racism is politically inspired, and it is not racial hatred of others to think we have gone down the wrong path in allowing so many millions of unassimilable people to move to Western countries. Even where expressed in an unpalatable fashion, this is an inchoate expression of resentment of what has been done to us.

    For the avoidance of all doubt here, I don’t think altercations with members of the ethnic minorities are productive, given that they are a protected political class; but I do support the right of Englishmen to express themselves in insulting language to people who have arrived en masse in countries like England and France.””

    What IS this shit? Are you SERIOUS?

    Whilst your vocabulary is commendable, it nevertheless fails to hide the fact that the evel of discourse here never rises above the sort of tongue-in-cheek devil’s advocacy you might find in an all-boys school sixth form debating society. A kind of half-knowing, immature, cock-in-hand, wank club, nod and a wink towards saying something a bit naughty without ever really having had to decide if you believe it or not yet, due to immaturity and insulation from the realities of society.

    I am flabbergasted. It has made me ashamed to be the same race as you. Does this make me a racist?

    • “It has made me ashamed to be the same race as you. Does this make me a racist?”

      The answer is YES. Actually, I’ve long known that the people really motivated by racial hatred are all on the “anti-racist” left.

      • Two people from different sides of the political spectrum, each believes the other to be a racist. I smell a successful cop show format.

      • Also, what DJW could also have said is that nearly all people socially-conscious of, and/or intellectually motivated by the concept of racial hatred (the most dangerous kind of motivation, for it allows self-justification of the most awful crimes) are White Ethnic British People who have been to “some of the better” universities. Those ones that got School-Frankfurterized first, because they were here first, and got attacked first.

        • No, they are not white “nearly all” white ethnic British people. Unfortunately on this blog we are not allowed to say what they are. I do find your repeated references in this way to my people offensive. I know that white British people are to blame for their own problems, but they did not plant the virus. You know full well who did.

  8. Everything becomes politicised over time in a statist theocracy. Wetherspoons even launched a campaign to ban the ‘R’ word, which is a shame because I’m always calling the political class f**king retards.

  9. Here now is what the Daily Mail says that they said:-
    Police in Britain and France are today hunting for a gang of Chelsea football fans filmed repeatedly pushing a black man off a train and chanting: ‘We’re racist and that’s the way we like it’.
    The Chelsea supporters were seen abusing the victim at Richelieu-Drouot station on the Paris Metro last night and face up to three years in prison if they are caught before they leave France.
    Scotland Yard has said its officers are also studying the film and will consider criminal charges and football banning orders for those involved.
    The shocking footage shows the gang of white men refusing to let him on board despite there being enough space in the carriage.
    The victim, who was not wearing any club colours, then remonstrates with the fans, asking them to let him on and pointing at a space, but the gang block the door and push him off again when he tries to board for the second time.
    Another black passenger then walks off the train in disgust as the large group of fans chant: ‘We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it.’
    The Chelsea fans in the footage can also be heard chanting at French passengers: ‘Where were you in World War Two?’
    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    What the GramscoFabiaNazis probably – and I say probably – for I have to keep on re-analysing their motives in all this war to make sure I’m not just having a bad dream – don’t think, is that if an Ethnic Group is pushed into a corner, like the White Ethnic British Masses is having done to it right now, then (being British) it will react with not only anger but also humour.

    “We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it”. I can almost hear their voices in their London accent, and almost tell you what the rather tuneless tune might be. Not like the Horst Wessel Song at all, nor at all like other nations’ chants.

    Humour is what we do here, under pressure. The GramascoFabiaNazis had better start to worry when the White Ethnic British Masses cease making jokes, and go all silent.

  10. It is absurd that the word “bigot” has become so essential to the vocabulary of the intolerant left. I see it defined in the OED as “intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself”. In light of this definition, which seems fair and neutral to me, it is difficult to see its most frequent application as anything more than hypocritical projection from the most intolerant people among us. Their lack of humility and self-awareness is astounding.

    When one runs with the clarion call, “learn or go away entirely”, it becomes hard to accuse anyone else of bigotry. It is simply a more polite way of saying “conform or die!”.

  11. Ok, I’m guessing someone was definitely after a spot on tomorrows LBC or Sky News reports when they wrote this tosh…

    So pushing a guy off a train because it’s apparently full is OK because it’s some sort of hit Vs The Man represented by a horde of immigrants to dilute our Aryan German origined blood? (Angles & Saxons are German origin, and yet apparently ‘English’, yes?). Believing a guy that’s seemingly had previous encounters with Chelsea FC authorities because he likes to trash his seating area, tweet lyrics of ‘songs’ about how its OK because they’re proud racists, then claims he only knows some of the lyrics of the song he tweeted about.. Suggesting a guy in office gear on his local underground network trying to get home, perhaps, is an ‘obvious’ PSG fan, and therefore deserved to be pushed off the Metro. Suggesting that in itself was OK because it was some sort of fight for ‘that right of Englishmen to express themselves in insulting language to people who have arrived en masse in countries like England and France’. Do we know what generation he is Frenchman? Do YOU know how many of these blessedly irritating ‘people that have arrived en masse’ make up the current Chelsea team? If it wasn’t for these Johnny Foreigners being so good at football, Chelsea wouldn’t be in Paris.. they’d be lucky to be in Scarborough on a wet weekend in a caravan! If it wasn’t for another of these Johnny Foreigners buying the club and spending a mint buying the services of fellow Johnny Foreigners.. they’d be lucky to be playing anything!

    No doubt your suggestion of kicking anti-racism out of football was more a sematic exercise. Your lack of knowledge of the basics of the case would suggest so. Unless it really was so ill-informed you’re dream job is sub-editing the Daily Mail Online.

    Now the idea that the Metro carriage was somehow ‘full’ and pushing him off was acceptable because it was full. Judging by the video evidence of the distance shots and that caught by the walk-past of the open door.. there was plenty of space.. Lots of carriages leave Kings Cross during rush hours much more packed than that loads of times a day. If it was a tight squeeze as you think, how come he managed to get that far in before the knuckle draggers push him off? Let the guy on, he could duck as the doors shut, and they could all get to the game/destinations safely.

    Lets not mention the pseudo made-up words you used to justify the tosh.. WTF is GramscoFabiaNazis when its at home? In ENGLISH please.. not psycho-justifying-crap-babble..

    • What’s the crime? Pushing a guy off a tube? Sure, they should be punished for that. I’m sure Metro have their by-laws for this sort of thing.

      What’s that? This is actually something much, much worse? Something awful and terrible, something to be covered by national newspapers? What?! What could it be?

      Oh, they sang a rude song while doing it. Ok…..

  12. Association Football is supposed to be a sport (an entertainment) – not a form of political education.

    If they keep shoving politics down the throats of the public, people will stop watching Association Football – and the sport will collapse.

    • Yes, like people have stopped watching Cricket after the Anti-Apartheid stuff involving Basil D’Oliviera being a black South African being blocked from playing for his country by spawn of English/Dutch immigrants that flooded the country and decided he wasn’t good enough to play for his native country? A concept that’s unacceptable under the ‘logic’ put forward by the author, as natives should be able to tell immigrants where to get off? He was then blocked from playing in his home nation when he qualified to play for England… That sort of ‘collapse’?

      Obviously the Libertarian concept is a veiled excuse to be obnoxious, vile, horrible White Supremacist lowlife if one wishes to be because it’s some form of ‘Liberty’.

      Don’t forget to wrap yourselves in flags commemorating the actions of the Turkish born knight in late April. It’s what all pure bred White Englishman would want.. Ok to celebrate foreigners killing a mythical creature.. but let one of them on a foreign train.. or play football without getting abuse..? Unthinkable!

  13. We appear to have struck a little clot of leftist cunts. Prob no more than one or two trolling under different names. 1400 under age white girls fucked in Rotherham–these arsewipes have no comment to make. Some football fans–prob sick of the anti-white shite peddled by the same socialistic scum commenting on here– kick up a bit–that’s a cosmic crime bringing the leftist scum onto the screen. Take your faux-outrage and stuff it back up your Marxian mouth–ie your arse. The scum of the left have reached their high water mark–its downhill all the way now you sanctimonious shite. Scumbags.

  14. Well said Mr Ecks… in language they all understand. All of ’em university types no doubt and under 35 is my guess. Clearly a lot of growing still to do.

    By the way, can someone tell me why some comments are being moved out of their chronological order? It makes some comments sound out of place and others rather more prescient than they ought. A form of cheating I’d say. Not good enough. If comments are moved out of time order surely they should be red inked.

    I’m now having to look at posting times before deciding if I agree with the author or not. A terrible waste of time.

    • Generalisation, much? I’m not leftist (well, maybe left of you lot but then even Lord Tebbitt would be Marxist compares with you lot..) Yes I had University education, and I’m older than 35.

      Why would the guy victimised not mention it to his kids? What and make them grow up feeling as unloved as you lot were as kids? ‘Hey Francois, when you grow up in the country you were born in, and will probably pay taxes towards, you too can get thrown off a train by a bunch of foreigners just because the colour of your skin…’ Yep, can’t see why he didn’t dump his kids with such high aspirations.. Wouldn’t be because he was asked by the reporter to comment, with leading questions..

      Oh and judging if you agree with a post based on original posting times? Mind-bogglingly dumb idea. So if Prof Webb had posted a reply at a different time, you’d disagree with him? Brains Trust much? Oh yeah.. chip on your shoulder because you don’t have an University Edukashun.. Don’t shoot the messenger, (or push him off a train) shoot the time the message was posted…

      Btw, what was that you lot said about ‘freedom of speech’? You like ‘freedom of speech’ when u agree with it, but don’t like it because posting times vary, or differ from your fascist opinions?

      • Paying taxes in France doesn’t make someone French! Neither does being born in France or holding a French passport make someone French! That is why these communities feel they don’t belong: it is an accurate assessment.

        • What? The guy lives in France, the knuckle-draggers that pushed the guy off the train were probably not even there long enough to have a piss in the country, and they have a better ‘right’ to use transport HIS taxes pay for? All because of some misguided belief that one bunch of foreigners has a better case of entitlement than another? And you wonder why ‘these communities’ feel they don’t belong?

          Would you have supported the locals if one had been found forcing English diplomats/pen pushers etc off Indian trains/hurling racial insults in the 1930s? Apparently its ok for folks to throw folks off trains as a protest against folks that arrived en masse from other countries.. it would be a reverse situation of

          – the right of Englishmen to express themselves in insulting language to people who have arrived en masse in countries like England and France.


          Do you expect when you go on your holiday to Benidorm to get called all sorts by the locals because you’re English? Do they expect you to take it lying down, or do you kick off?

  15. I have to say I’m sorry to see so many people so determined to mouth the views of the political elite. A healthy scepticism would be in order – but instead we get rote regurgitation.

  16. I see the black man not allowed on the Tube has commented on why he didn’t tell his children what happened to him that day: “What would I say to my children? That daddy got shoved in the metro because he is black?”

    This reflects his awareness that such interactions are ultimately trivial. Although shoving someone is assault, I would argue that any action should fail on de minimis grounds. If everyone shoved in life filed for assault, the courts would be clogged up. Trivial cases of violence ought not routinely involve the police. However, he has still called for the Chelsea fans to be locked up…. Maybe he scents a compensation package? If a football team can pay £1M for a player, maybe they pay good compo?

  17. Jon Terri

    How can anyone turn 35 and remain blind to what’s happened to this England of ours?

    You and I will soon be trying to blow each others brains out and all because a gang of self-serving politicians back in the 50s and 60s decided that importing millions of people into England seemed like a great idea. No thought whatsoever given to what might eventually become the tragic fallout from such lunacy.

    It was a policy designed and imposed to reduce the nation’s pride in itself. (Witness the deliberate destruction of the aircraft industry; the most advanced in the world at the time) An act of ministerial cowardice and betrayal which I at first agreed with but then, mercifully, passed my 35th year and grew up.

    I’m not going to be lectured and pushed around by people like you Jon; or whatever your real name might be. That time has now passed. When the time does come for us to finally meet however it might prove very bloody indeed.

    GramscoFabiaNatzi is the perfect fit for you. You play it well.

    Other than by civil war, how else will the rift that’s now so obviously opened up between white men in this country be closed? It can’t be of course. Not only have lines been drawn but the opposing sides have declared themselves up for the fight. Fight now, or otherwise face the wrath one day of so many fallen fathers and sons.

    FYI, I hold a crappy BSc – although not a lick of good did it do me. What mine did for me however – which yours so patently hasn’t done for you – is to help me fathom out that should a man solve a problem, write a book say, or maybe coin a new word first, he should be given all due credit. Someone else given credit (0for whatever) when time itself shows that they didn’t deserve it, makes for a real difference. You should know that timing makes all the difference to just about everything in life Jon.

    Now do you get it? Do you now get why it was I raised the issue? Nothing to do with football or a man upset after being pushed off a train. I’ve been refused entry to carriages a dozen times. I’ve cursed of course before finally sitting down to wait for the next one. I’m talking about India now Jon… not King’s Cross.

    Do you know that Englishmen – just like you Jon (that’s if you are English of course?) – will be refused a contract should you wish to buy a house in India. It’s against the law you see. By your logic then, what a load of bastards those Indian’s must be for allowing such blatant discrimination against poor old Johnny Foreigner’s like us. Do you also know that the police in India carry big sticks and are seldom reluctant to use them.

    Many a European finding himself caught up in a crowd has received a good bruising for simply going about his business. It’s the way Indian’s do things though and I can’t say I blame them but not fair on us though… is it Jon?

    You cannot be over 35.

  18. 1. Speech, even if insulting, should never lead to criminal prosecution.
    2. Serious assault should be prosecuted, but sanctions should be set by criminal law. Losing football season tickets should not be among them. There should be no enhanced penalties for assault aggraved by its characteristic as a so-called “hate crime”.
    3. A shoving on the Tube is not a serious assault, and, if the truth be known, we have all been shoved in life with no legal consequences for anyone.
    4. Football clubs should not operate as arms of the state. Anyone free (ie out of prison) should be able to buy a season ticket.
    5. We need to clamp down on the creepy way in which recording of people on mobile phones leads to Stasi-style politicl investigations.

  19. The racism horseshit is a tactic of the left.

    Take an issue –racism. Not a good thing if it causes people to commit aggression but far from the worst thing in the world. Socialism with 150 million murdered and the lives of hundreds of millions more ruined and set to be ruined is a far worse evil in every way.

    Then get a crew of dumb snotnose youth and get them waving their arms in outrage like a pot of boiling spaghetti–thro’ the unis and Marxist puke teachers hooping and hollering about racism —on and on and on for years–better yet decades. Build up a head of steam such that a generation of young mostly middle-class morons comes into being so charged with this dreck that they only have to say the word and they start looking around for a bucket to collapse into.

    Then you extend the shite. Not just race but not liking sodomy or not accepting that women should be treated like little Princesses because of a loads of lies told by leftists about alleged ill-treatment in the past. The very gang who wank on endlessly about “hate” speech are the same gang who spew it like Linda Blair on a merry-go-round.

  20. “I should add that I regard football as a low-brow interest”

    What an extraordinary position to take! (wink)

  21. Hi everyone. I have been reading the LA blog for a while but never contributed. What I pick up from this forum are both rage and a sense of inevitability about mass immigration leading to the demise of Western civilisation. There is also a sense that decades ahead could be very difficult for many white European. I share some of these concerns but I cannot reconcile the following points.

    If Western civilisation was good and sound, why has it succumbed so readily? Why has the long march through the institutions remained unchallenged? If we compare cultural relativism, Marxism and all the other progressive ‘isms’, ‘anti-isms’, ‘phobia’ etc. to a contagious disease, we must also acknowledge that strong and healthy bodies usually don’t succumb to infections so quickly: they fight back. So, can we say that whatever is affecting the West now, was already there and that the apparatchiks’ takeover is just an opportunistic manoeuvre.

    And if Western civilisation is for the historical scrapheap, from an emotional point of view, for the sake of our health, might it not be better to accept the Orwellian fate and learn to love Big Brother? As difficult as that may be.

    • We can’t accept something negative. For example, would you just accept leukaemia? Arguing you have to accept the inevitable doesn’t make any sense if you’re accepting negative things. Of course, yes, multiculturalism and immigration are a symptom of a problem in Western culture: no one is arguing the body was “strong and healthy” before. I would argue the decision to try to foster a globalised world reflects the Western elite’s disillusionment with the experience of the 1930s and the Second World War, which led them to give up on the nation-state. Ultimately, you’re arguing we should welcome an increasingly unfree society. It would be better for you to put your argument why liberty is still possible in a multiracial society.

    • If Western civilisation was good and sound, why has it succumbed so readily?

      I would go further than DJWebb other than guilty about the mass industrial wars on the 20th century. It is the conscience or unconscience reality that all the inferior cultural behaviours of the 3rd world are all too true.

      If you believe in the Out Of Africa Theory then Africans had a 200,000 year start on Europeans and Asians and have hardly progressed. £trillions of aid has been spent trying to improve Africa and other 3rd world countries and is just corrupted away. Rich 3rd world rulers seem to have no empathy for their poorer subjects and would gladly step on a dying poor person to take their wallet.

      It is white liberal guilt that all the nasty and admittedly sometimes venal comments have much validity and vindicates the right. Violence, sexual assualt, homophobia, stupidity, no democratic traditions, winner takes all mentality in contrast to our commerical enterprise, invention, protection of the underprivileged, desire for compromise and perceived equality, giving a far superior culture. Also for some liberals their blind hatred of anyone to the right of the centre ground are reasons why they seem to embrace cultural nihilism.

      I notice a begrudging change in liberal attitudes in the UK especially as Rotherham exposed them as protectors of nonces. Their wake up call could not have been more abrupt.

  22. At 56,I agree with John Terri.Mass immigration means that Britain isn’t Britain any more.We’ve imported a population who often don’t share our libertarian values-to put it mildly-and would provide a fifth column within if we were at war with Islamic countries-in fact,they already are to some extent.

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