Sean Gabb Reads from Chapter One of His Novel “The Break” (2015)


  1. The director of this film shows talent. Good lighting. Confident with the camera. The sound is convincing. The actor reminds me of someone famous. Oh, and the story is very gripping. Well done everyone involved.

  2. Sometimes Sean produces very good stuff, but sometimes the Hollywood “boo-hiss American military and security agencies” and “boo-hiss big business” stuff comes out.

    Still a person has to make a living (to feed his family) and “boo-hiss American military and security agencies” and “boo-hiss big business” has a guaranteed market – thanks to the education system and the media.

    But I do want to read hundred of pages and find out that it was “the Americans” or “the corporations” who were to blame for X, Y, Z – I can turn on the BBC if I want that.

    By the way, as I have just said to some other libertarians, I wish the “military industrial complex” or the “Deep State” did exist – but they do not (not in terms of actual POWER).

    The American government is exactly what it appears to be – an entity headed by a Frankfurt School Toy Town “Marxist” (not that a real Classical Marxist would be any better) by the name of Barack Obama.

    There are indeed a lot of good people in the armed forces (and also, horror of horrors, in the intelligence services also), but they have no power.

    The most terrible thing about the “illusion of democracy” that we are warned of in the case of the United States – is that it is NOT an illusion.

    These elected swine really are in charge.

  3. As for what Dr Gabb is actually reading.

    Yes if there was a break in international trade (for whatever reason), then scenes like this would take place.

    This is overpopulated island – vastly overpopulated.

    This country is about the size of New Zealand – and it can support, without the international trading order, a population about the size of New Zealand (perhaps a bit more – say three to four times the population of New Zealand).

    The present population of this island is about ten times the population of New Zealand.

  4. I have to say that I think the current occupant of the WH is a lot more than a “Frankfurt School Toy Town Marxist.” That characterization, first, downplays their own dangerousness — and did not the Fabian Socialists in the end prove to be plenty dangerous for you folks, even without Lenin/Stalin/Mao and mass murderers in charge?

    But more importantly, the real agenda on Zero’s “mind” is to bring down the West and in particular to destroy America root and branch. Remember, the Evil West is responsible for the ruination of all those peaceful African, Asian, American-Indian, non-European peoples or tribes or clans. Especially the Muslim ones. This he did not learn from Gramsci and Adorno and Max Horkheimer.

    This he learned from Moscow.

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