Sebastian Ortiz reviews PFS 2015

by Sebastian Ortiz

The tenth annual gathering of the Property and Freedom Society took place in September this year.

The uncompromising, intellectual, radical elite of individuals from places as far apart(both culturally and geographically) as Bahrain to Hong Kong, Egypt to Costa Rica came together in one place to discuss the ideas of freedom, mock the politically correct culture of the state’s ruling class and enjoy each other’s company.

A historical milestone unprecedented in PFS history took place: Deanna Forbush became the first ever female speaker. The topic? America’s violent labor unions. A place replete with Austrian history, Las Vegas, where Prof. Rothbard and Hoppe taught economics at UNLV was shown not to be immune to the institutionalized aggression and organized violence of the (literally)angry mobs. A rendezvous of crime and rule of law, excellence in the service of consumers and extortion at the hands of the parasitical provided an illustration of the farce embodied in the state’s myth of the rule of law. A true story involving a protracted struggle, changes in(private) administration and outright expropriation did not disappoint the member’s of the foremost anarcholibertarian audience in the world.

In typical Rothbardian fashion many of the new and old members were seen at the crack of dawn, passionately discussing ideas until the wee hours of the night, enjoying the amenities of the world class Karia Princess Hotel.

Described by Stephan Kinsella as “the most spectacular PFS annual meeting to date” included lectures appropriate for both the advanced and the initiate. Prof. Thorsten Polleit’s Everything you Always Wanted to Ask about Inflation (But were afraid to ask) encapsulated the Austrian view on monetary theory with precision and clarity making his presentation a world class must for economics students around the globe.

Professor Hulsmann discussed the deep cultural distortions that result from a culture of perpetual inflation, manly women and effeminate men, architecture aimed towards salability instead of beauty and the tendency towards excessive consumption.

A standing ovation met David Duerr’s presentation, outlining a concrete method of bringing the criminal institution of the state to justice.

Austrian ideas were not the only thing to emanate from this proverbial island of sanity in a world of madness. Fireworks and traditional Viennese Waltz choreographed by a team of professional dancers graced the gilded night in Bodrum’s most prestigious hotel.

If I were asked if I only had one material source that I could show to non-libertarians in the world what would I pick? After this year’s epic conference it became obvious to me the answer was Prof. Hoppe’s presentation. An in-depth description of the basis and meaning of the natural order and natural law, the deviation from it and the cultural decadence that has since ensued, a thorough illustration of the state’s grip on society with numbers and data as well as a description of the perverse, Orwellian turn that public discourse has taken were all included in his presentation.

The 10th annual meeting of the minds echoed its luminaries influence, anecdotes about Rothbard’s bunnies and Mises’ stalkers provided attendees with insights into the most personalities of the society’s forefathers.

A home away from home the PFS has shown itself to be a unique salon for all committed to truth no matter how radically counter intuitive the results might be. An inspiration to all, this gathering has left its participants eager for more stimulating conversations. We look forward to new gatherings, new faces as much as we look forward to gain a deeper understanding of old lessons from wiser teachers. Until we meet again!

Sebastian Ortiz is a Costa Rican member of the Property and Freedom Society. An independent researcher in the field economic and legal theory, he has been published in the Dollar Vigilante and is a public speaker.


  1. Something I like about these gatherings is that everyone puts up with me. I’m a very odd sort of libertarian, and nobody cares. Anyone who says HHH isn’t tolerant is a fool or a liar.

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