1. But it’s OK to fill children’s minds with junk-food-for-thought via school and ‘entertainment’ medias etc..

  2. Sean,

    Notice how at the end the other guy claimed that the children were not just obese but overweight in many cases. The problem here relates to the BMI index which is entirely absurd. If I was as trim as possible I would still be in the overweight category because I have a stocky build. Smash the BMI and he has no leg to stand on.

    • I did notice, and I wanted to pick him up on that, but we had a five minute slot, and I wanted to get the main points across. It’s one reason I mostly turn down invites to go on the MSM nowadays.

  3. I can’t get the video to play so may be missing some of Sean’s wisdom but as a general rule I disagree with regarding children as a food source.

    Though the good Dr Swift has powerful arguments in its favour.

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