The General Election: A Clarificatory Statement

Sean Gabb

For the avoidance of doubt, I will remind our readers that the Libertarian Alliance is a charity, and takes no corporate view on the General Election. One of our officers may vote Labour, another Liberal Democrat. The rest of us who bother will probably vote Conservative or UKIP. But the Libertarian Alliance itself will remain indifferent to the results.

We will only call on the various candidates to pledge themselves to restoring our matchless Ancient Constitution – the full rights of freedom of speech and association, the rights to trial by jury for all criminal offences, plus other Common Law protections, and a state that lives within its proper bounds and means. Let these pledges be given and kept, and it matters not at all which party may win a majority of the seats.


    • For me, it will depend on who UKIP offer up as a candidate locally. If it’s somebody I can’t back, then I will be voting for the None Of The Above Party.

  1. Labour and Liberal Democrat? I’d be genuinely interested in hearing that argued from a libertarian perspective!

    • Labour = to free us from the yoke of the oppressive capitalist class and bring about a socialist utopia.

      Liberal Democrats = to free us from the yoke of the oppressive Tory business class and bring about a liberal democratic utopia.

      Failing the above, a Lib-Lab government might accelerate popular disillusionment with statism and result with a mass uprising for the institution of Neil Lock’s convivial order.

  2. I forgot to mention the Yorkshire Independence Party. At the risk of offending the War Secretary and the Lord Protector, I might vote for Yorkshire Independence.

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