Godfrey Bloom: Are Remainers More Intelligent Than Brexiteers?

This morning, Godfrey Bloom spoke on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show, on BBC Three Counties, about the recent claim by Labour MP, Barry Sheerman, that Remainers are better educated than Brexiteers.

Mr Bloom is joined in a ‘lively’ fifteen-and-a-half minute discussion by Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP.

If you would like to listen to their debate, please click on the audio file link, below:



  1. I disagree with Godfrey Bloom about this. I have only anecdotal experience to go on, but I think it’s clear that, on the whole, Remainers ARE more intelligent than Leavers and also better-educated. However, Leavers are in the right. How can this paradox be explained?

    High IQ people can inflict great harm on society because they are not good decision-makers. Intellectuals must be detached from everyday reality in order to be effective. Academic work requires objectivity and focus.

    Experts and professionals also make bad decisions because they have a tendency to become enmeshed in the details and lose a sense of the big picture.

    This leads me to what I see as an important practical distinction: between intelligence and wisdom. British society has evolved in a way that checks the power and influence of high IQ technocrats (who often formed ethnic elites, such as Normans, and before that, Romans) – we have unqualified judges (Magistrates and juries), non-technical politicians, and a Monarchy. I believe the Monarchy in particular is the result of a need for a low-ability placeholder to act as arbiter among high-ability competitors. Magistrates are lay people advised by legally-qualified clerks. Juries in Crown Court trials decide both law and fact, advised by judges.

    The role of the ‘intelligent’ or qualified expert is to advise, not to decide. We traditionally observed this distinction and kept intelligent people away from decision-making because we did not want to become a technocracy. The advent of the mega-state in the 19th. and 20th. centuries was perhaps a sign of a breakdown in this compact. The Intelligent took over and started making rational but insensitive decisions. As I see it, the Brexit debate reflects this basic dichotomy: between the technocrats and the technocratic- or state-minded on the one side, and the People.

  2. What a muddled debate. Both are right in my view; ‘remainers’ are better educated, while ‘leavers’ are more intelligent, or certainly better-informed about the issues. Education today is a euphemism for brain-washing. The longer you are exposed to it, the more your sympathies will be guided in the direction of European political integration and all the other weird ideas that are being imposed on us today.
    And I am fed up with this figure of $350 million (pounds! – I’m writing from the US) being bandied about as a ‘lie’. If I recall correctly, the wording on the side of ‘the bus’ was “Stop giving $350 million pounds a week to the EU – let’s save the NHS instead”. Where is the lie? People seem to think that it meant that we would be spending $350 million per week on the NHS (which was not the claim anyway) as soon as we held the referendum. They obviously haven’t noticed that we are still in the EU and still handing over that sum of money to them. So these ‘better educated’ people are too stupid to understand that simple fact?

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