Godfrey Bloom: Should ‘Black History’ be a national curriculum topic in British State Schools?

Our Honorary President, Godfrey Bloom, last night spoke on the Edward Adoo program, on BBC Three Counties Radio, about whether ‘Black History’ should be taught as part of the UK state’s ‘national curriculum’. Click on the audio link below if you would like to listen:



  1. This is terrible, terrible stuff. Sorry Godfrey, but this is embarrassing to listen to. You were too nice to them. Black people have NOT contributed to the grand scheme of history. As a people, they are an empty vessel. That point MUST be made firmly and unapologetically. They are inferior to us.

    Black history (or Black History) should not be taught anywhere at any time.

    Also, I don’t wish to be unkind – and I do apologise for having to point this out – but both the interviewer and the other two guests (not Godfrey) sound a bit thick. “Do you fink that’s wot needs to be dun, Godfrey?” We really are dumbing-down, aren’t we. The three thickos come out with all the buzzwords and clichés – raises aspirations, it’s positive, crucial, important, “young people need an identity with modern history” [yes, she said that], tools, resources, empower children, “give children a space in which the information they are receiving represents them and identify with it and potentially give them the ground level for later years”, etc.

    Bloom was over-strained in his politeness.

    Bloom – “I’m not in disagreement with any of the speakers here” – which is a polite Englishman’s way of saying: “What on God’s green Earth are you idiots wittering about????”

    Rosa Parks is now very important to school history, apparently. A woman who sat on a bus. I despair.

    Then Richie came on. Christ alive. “History isn’t just about history, it’s also about empowering children.”

    “I’d embed the black experience in what I’m teaching.”

    “For example, there were black people that were involved in the Romans, and children don’t know that.”

    Richie is a teacher.

    Richie, PLEASE, you need to live in an African or African-Caribbean country, and I need to live in Britain, a white European country, which is my homeland.

    Richie, this can’t go on. It’s unsustainable. You are damaging innocent white children and it’s disgusting and outrageous. The fact is that regardless of their achievements and attainments, black people on average are simply not as intelligent as white Europeans. This radio interview is an exemplar of the problem. The result is that white children and white people generally have to be held back and we all have to dumb-down and men like Godfrey Bloom have to demean themselves and stoop to a lower intellectual level to accommodate you.

    White British people are nice – too nice in my opinion. However, there will come a point when we have had enough. We can’t co-exist within the same society.

    Sorry – but I am just being honest here. Apologies to anybody who is offended, but the truth needs to be told. Very sorry, but this is becoming too much.

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