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Godfrey Bloom: £40 billion plus of Danegeld for the EU?

This afternoon, on the Jon Gaunt Radio Show, Godfrey Bloom spoke about the latest news from Westminster that Theresa May is contemplating handing the EU £40 billion pounds of taxpayer cash in a modern form of paying Danegeld.

If you would like to listen to this interview, please click on the audio link below:


  1. But as I understand it, the terrorists left us alone for a while after each payment of Danegeld. In the case of the EU they raise their demand each time Mrs May agrees some outrageous payment.

    Besides, the EU have no hairy warriors to enforce their demands.


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  2. By all means give them £40 billion under a quid pro quo, if the experts within government believe that is in Britain’s interests. But “in Britain’s interests” cannot mean membership of the Single Market or free movement (as the EU would define it), as we want Brexit proper. If the EU will allow tariff-free access for our exports without free movement or a requirement to accept EU laws generally, then that might be OK. Otherwise, as Godfrey Bloom says, we only pay them what we owe them.

    I must say, I do think Bloom’s suspicions about what is really happening behind the scenes are accurate. The government are Remainers and are trying to execute Plan B, which is to have a formal Brexit only while we remain within the Single Market and retain free movement, either as continuing members of the Single Market or under some sort of bilateral agreement in a similar manner to Switzerland.

    My hope when Theresa May took over was that as a Remainer she would be well-placed to unite the Tory Party and transcend the Remainer/Leaver divide, and as a skilled operator would be able to negotiate with the EU and arrange a smooth and satisfactory transition out of the bloc. I may have been wrong. We’ll see. It is too early to come to any firm conclusions.

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