Heseltine vs. Bloom

Yesterday, on the Jeremy Vine show, on BBC Radio 2, Godfrey Bloom spoke after listening to Michael Heseltine telling us that we had to cave in to the EU on everything that they demand from us to exit their political organisation.

If you would like to listen to these two gentlemen, please click on the audio link below.

Michael Heseltine speaks first, then Godfrey Bloom speaks second, at 4:48:



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  1. Listening to Lord Heseltine, one could be forgiven for thinking that our very lives depend on continued membership of the EU. Perhaps in his case in a sense it does: is he being blackmailed? I only ask because most of what he says makes no practical sense. He seems to think that trade depends on EU membership. How does the rest of the world trade, then? Obviously other countries outside the EU do have formal trade arrangements, and countries that trade with the EU proficiently, like the USA and China, do benefit from trade memoranda, but these only formalise activity that would go on anyway. Trade is between producers/sellers and consumers, not governments. It’s not clear that he understands this. I am hoping that (if and) when we leave the EU, we will no longer have to listen to people like him.

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