The Churchill Memorandum

Note; Either I have upset Mr Selby-Martin, and not noticed, or this is an example of a wrecking review. He has not read the book with much attention. He is wrong in several descriptions of the plot. He has placed versions of his reivew all over the Web.

I could ignore the review, but I won’t. It is actually one of those reviews that says enough about the book to raise interest in it. You can read this book for free in soft copy by going here, or you can buy in here in hard copy.


Libertarian Fantasy masquerading poorly as Alternate History

One of the worst novels I have ever read, and the worst alternate history story that I have ever encountered – and I’ve read some of the Kirov stories

Alleging to be an alternate history story about the consequences of no Second World War and no Churchill in power, what you actually get is a long-winded piece of Libertarian Fantasy covered by a fig-leaf of counter-factual history.

It is 1959 but we have airships and Maglev trains? Heated pavements and rocket-ships? ‘Bullet-trams’? Manage to get past these weird issues and you’ll come across incredibly dubious, two-dimensional characters (the sole Indian character is always noted as arriving by the smell of curry that he brings with him), and an eventual breakdown into farce, when who is alleged to be the 1959 version of Michael Foot in this reality turns into a strawman and rants about the joys of communism and how terrible individual freedom is while he boils rent-boys alive, watched by Harold Macmillan.

It may be free at the moment, but avoid anyway.

Published on Goodreads on the 7th January 2018


  1. I downloaded the free version (thanks for making it available) and was greatly entertained, but I suspect that you have to be a certain age to get the jokes. Mr Selby-Martin is very probably too young to have heard of, say, Bishop John Robinson, let alone grasp how important he once seemed.

    • I’m glad you liked it. A short review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated. These things help with sales.

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