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La Folie du Jour

By Colin Riley

Bulgaria receives 100% of its gas via a pipeline from Russia. Under EU duress they have announced this will end entirely. Their plan is to secure their supplies via a pipeline from Azerbaijan and make their citizens to pay for it with permanently higher prices to keep the EU subsidiaries flowing.

Right. Has anyone ever tried defending an entire pipeline from sabotage by a handful of Russian loyalists ?

Russia today has nothing to lose by disrupting the West. Our politicians with their lunatic sanctions and even more lunatic agendas have intentionally destroyed all of the economic, diplomatic, legal and cultural ties that encouraged the West and Russia to have a shared common economic interest in both parties succeeding.

Being declared a ‘terrorist state’ by the West today and demonising and persecuting their people just gives that state every incentive to enjoy their new found liberty and behave like a terrorist.

It’s like putting a man on death row. What has he got to lose ? Don’t be that surprised when he bites your ear off.

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