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NWO? Move on: Nothing to See Here!

Daniel Jupp

Remember folks when Biden talks about the New World Order it’s just one of those lovable dementia moments, like finding grandad in his slippers wandering the streets at 3am.

It’s nothing to do with all that conspiracy theory nonsense about the New World Order.

When Klaus Schwab dresses up like the Klingon ambassador in an episode of Star Trek and talks about the desirability of depopulating the world, it’s just a lovable quirk and not at all worrying that this man heads one of the most powerful political institutions on the entire planet.

It’s nothing to do with all that conspiracy theory nonsense about the New World Order.

When the Bank of England does research on a fully digital currency including a system where the Bank and government decides whether to approve your every purchase or refuse to allow you to buy things they deem irresponsible purchases, remember it’s nothing to do with all the conspiracy theory nonsense about a New World Order in which you will own nothing and be happy.

Remember when the WEF produces expensive propaganda that says you will own nothing and be happy it’s nothing to do with you owning nothing and being miserable or those absurd conspiracy theories about a New World Order in which you own nothing.

When every western government is drafting and passing laws which prevent peaceful protests against New World Order measures and policies and which allow those governments to seize your assets and freeze your bank accounts and put you in jail for honking a horn remember it’s nothing to do with that ridiculous conspiracy theory about a New World Order in which all the old democratic norms have been swept away.

When every media outlet and every western government conspires to ignore and have you ignore claims that a Presidential candidate’s son has a laptop full of child sex images, proof of multi million dollar corruption including the candidate and foreign powers, and disturbing evidence of incestuous child abuse involving a 14 year old member of the candidate’s family, remember that this is perfectly normal for a free press and a fully functioning democracy and nothing to do with a New World Order in which leaders are selected rather than elected.

Remember when old ladies are run down by cavalry charges and people who did nothing but wander into a public building and support the wrong political candidate are imprisoned and tortured for over a year that is the sort of thing that happens all the time in the Free World and not in the least bit the kind of thing that happens in a New World Order where nobody in charge is accountable in the least for their actions no matter how criminal they are.

Remember when you are subjected to constant psy ops campaigns that have you one minute hating your neighbour for refusing a dangerous experimental treatment and the next minute cancelling dead Russian composers this is all perfectly rational and sensible and not at all the kind of thing that New World Order manipulative psychopaths would do to keep you constantly harassed, fearful and distracted whilst your fundamental rights and freedoms are gradually removed from you.

When anything at all no matter how devastating, scandalous and truthful can be labelled as misinformation and blocked from all social media, all news programming, all television stations, all radio stations, and every public method of communication there is so that debate of or investigation of crimes by those in authority is impossible remember to be proud that you are part of the Free World and not a repressive tyranny like Russia where the exact same thing happens but about different news items.

Remember when a senior Ukrainian politician says they are fighting for a New World Order it’s nothing to do with the New World Order of the absurd conspiracy theory, but an entirely different and wholesome New World Order which only means democracy and peace. Like the Old World Order.

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