More on the Covid Scam

by Daniel Jupp
Absolutely devastating evidence from one of the top five cited medical research authorities in the US. Dr Peter McCullough’s research proves that:
There is no positive impact from the covid vaccination programmes. Actually deaths from covid per million people are slightly higher in countries with high vaccination rates compared with countries with low vaccination rates.
This means that as any kind of cure they are useless.
But worse than that are his findings on adverse reactions and deaths from the vaccines.
Over 65s are AT LEAST five times more likely to die from the vaccine than from the virus.
This means that many people were killed by the thing supposed to protect them.
With risks from the virus being lower in lower age groups, this means as well that for younger adults and children it’s likely that the risk from vaccine compared to the virus is even greater.
In other words, people exchanged a negligible almost non existent risk for a higher risk.
And they did this with the lives of children.
This research first started coming out LAST YEAR. It’s exhaustive, it uses government supplied data, and it shows:
  • The vaccines are useless.
  • The vaccines are deadly.
  • Deaths are increased by these vaccines.
Instead of acting on these findings and immediately halting all covid vaccine programmes, they have been extended to lower age groups and people are being encouraged to take boosters.
When they know that it kills people and doesn’t save them. When one of the foremost medical researchers in the world has published the evidence.
In the U.K. we have just extended these pointless deadly treatments, these experimental poisons, to five year olds.
And they want you to worry about Ukraine.

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