Libertarianism.UK Podcast: Duncan Whitmore – Toward a Libertarian Political Strategy

Our latest guest on the podcast is Duncan Whitmore, a freelance writer and one of our main contributors here at Libertarianism.UK. We spoke about moving toward a libertarian political strategy.

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If you’re interested in talking to Duncan Whitmore about his freelance writing, you can find out more, here:


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 3:05 – Why do libertarians need a political strategy?
  • 6:05 – Leonard Read and pushing a magic button on removing the state
  • 10:46 – The end of East Germany
  • 12:54 – Duncan Whitmore’s central political strategy for libertarians
  • 13:58 – What is decentralisation?
  • 16:22 – The consequences of Brexit
  • 19:10 – The problems of Boris Johnson
  • 20:26 – How do we persuade people to give up the state?
  • 23:07 – Should we retreat and wait for the collapse?
  • 27:42 – A summary of the strategy
  • 28:56 – Do we seek allies?
  • 30:37 – Jeff Deist and “Better, Not Perfect”
  • 30:49 – How can individuals help push the strategy?
  • 32:59 – The compliance demonstrated in lockdowns
  • 34:52 – Wrap up

Some quotes from the Podcast:

“You’re asking people to still have faith in this institution [the state], to give them their liberty, even though this institution is the biggest threat to their liberty.”

“People have to want their liberty. There’s no way of getting around that.”

“The reason we’re bombarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with so much propaganda, is because they [the state] know they have to win the ideological war.”

“The actual reason why the [Berlin] wall came down when it did, is because some bureaucrats mis-announced a new travel policy.”

“As Murray Rothbard said in the anatomy of the state, [the state] is a separate institution. The state is not us.”

“I think [decentralisation] is probably the most realistic way of going forward.”

“The people have to want to take power [back] for themselves.”

“[In the UK], last year was the year of two queens, two monarchs, three prime ministers, [and] five chancellors.”

“Boris Johnson should be the final lesson to anybody who’s even modestly in favour of greater freedom, that trying to elect the right people is not going to really work.”

“[We must] try to decentralise political power as far away as possible from their existing concentrations.”

“The motivation for Brexit was not to create a libertarian paradise.”

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