Review: Cambridge Latin Course, 5th Edition

Marian Halcombe

Though it has, in this new edition, made substantial progress towards avoiding microaggressions against young people in the present year, The Cambridge Latin Course remains sunk in misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, imperialism and war. Here, however, is an exclusive preview of the sixth edition, where all concerns are set fully at rest. People who simply want to learn Latin may be advised to look out the old Ecce Romani course.

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  1. I will forgive you for the selection for the pen name of a character from the Wilkie Collins novel, The Woman in White, even if the use of the term ‘white’ by Collins is deeply offensive to Carbon-Based Biological Entities of Colour (CBBEOC), but I think Collins’ insistence on imposing a binary gendered identity on Marian Halcombe is deeply offensive and oppressive to anyone who elects an identity other than the socially ascribed cisnormative convention. Indeed, I would say it is violently oppressive towards Carbon-Based Elective Polygendered Entities and I would urge you to cancel yourself immediately. It’s really quite outrageous.

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