A Short Review of ‘John Wick 4’


Very few movie franchise sequels are ever better than the original film that kicks them off.

Take ‘The Matrix’, for instance, starring Keanu Reeves. This is one of the greatest movies about liberty ever created, even if it was produced by a couple of unaware socialist brothers, who have now apparently become sisters.

If the first Matrix movie scored one hundred, in my opinion the next three scores were about ten, five, and one apiece. Yes, they really were that bad to your highly disappointed reviewer.

However, with the John Wick franchise – also starring Keanu Reeves – if the first movie scored one hundred, I’d reckon the next three scores were 150, 75, and 250.

Yes, the third movie clearly dipped below the bar, but in my humble opinion ‘John Wick 4’ really is that good.

In all of the Marxist Wokist junk that Hollywood is currently sludging out of its arrogant champagne-fuelled barrel of incompetent political correctness, ‘John Wick 4’ clearly stands out as a throwback to a better age, when entertaining the audience came first and pleasing the communist Twitterati came last.

That was a golden age, only fifteen years ago, where all movie writers, cast, and crew did everything they could to make every cinemagoer feel like his money had been very well spent. Yes, often they failed, but at least within their budgetary constraints they always tried to do their job, which was to take us away from the awful real world of the state and politics for at least a couple of hours.

There are literally no Disney movies I can think of produced in the last ten years, where you can say the same.

And here’s the lesson to Hollywood. On a budget of a relatively low $100 million dollars, John Wick 4 will likely generate more than $1 billion dollars in revenue. Just think about that for a moment, all of you hapless Woke-happy Snowflake executives at Warner Brothers, Marvel, and Disney. Make us movies that entertain us, rather than preach at us, and you shall earn enormous amounts of money for yourselves.

You used to know this once. Please let ‘John Wick 4’ re-teach you this noble capitalist lesson. Or continue making your Wokist socialist identity junk until all of your former shareholder fortunes are burned up in your vainglorious bids for Twitter approval, and you’re reduced to relying on the U.S. federal government for production subsidies.

Getting back to John Wick, if you liked the first three movies in the franchise, you’ll almost certainly love this fourth instalment. It’s what I now consider to be the best of the quartet. Just make sure that you get to watch this epic action movie in extremely high definition. It really will be worth it.

In the words of John Wick himself, ‘Yeah’! 😎

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