I like this creative solution. Comments from our blogateriat welcomed.

David Davis

Little Man, What Now? has an interesting suggestion about the British Socialist (= deliberate-education-destroyer) Government’s predicament in which it find itself. this predicament is about how to up-spin this year’s SATS results for the children of the People’s Proletariat – to make it look as if even more non-teaching means even more success than ever before for state schools.

Little Man is a very sound blog: he is much more intellectually rigorous about morality and liberalism than perhaps even we are. I wish I had his patence.


  1. Here’s a creative, cost-effective solution: Abolish the Department of Indoctrination/Education entirely and allow all remaining “state” “schools” to be homesteaded.

  2. A second comment as my first was a little hurried. If you click on my name in my previous comment, it will take you to a page in which I outline a pragmatic and effective solution to the problems in education – a solution that will take education almost completely out of the hands of the government.

    A quick comment on LittleMan’s post. Very amusing….

  3. Perhaps, the only alternative is the reading of the entrails of chickens as a means of awarding grades for the outcome of the SAT tests, so much easier than all that math.

    As is usual in these matters, a stupid awful test is created and then put into the hands of a quangonimous moonbat ridden joke of an international test corporation. One suspects this wasn’t accidental, but just a neat way of removing tests from the fore front of education with a view to returning to the old way of just letting it all hang out.

    This bunny is thankful for the education he did get. Yes this bunny is an abolitionist, bring back Wilberforce to get the kids out of jail and put an end to school room slavery!

    I applaud the idea of reform but an just a touche cynical that it could happen any time soon. Sorry about that.

    A mass sale of all state school real estate would be quite an event to look forward to. Let alone all those surplus teachers (the bad ones) being hired for the galleys or better still drafted to pedal on dynamo bikes for the national grid.

  4. Howard, would you be interested in doing a “guest posting” on here, say once a month or so? Only conditions are that you mustn’t write anything that could get us mulched for a libel suit, as we have no money….

    I’m considering asking one or two others also.

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