9/11’s 7th anniversary approaches, and it’s all-but-forgotten. Sean Gabb writes…

Sean Gabb

…thoughts on the 9/11 events just after the event, from a cottage in Greece.

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No-18.

THE FUTURE OF THE USA. (Libertarian Alliance Foreign Policy perspectives, No-36, 2002 (from 2001))

(You may also fly forwards, to a post of 9th September 2008, here.


  1. “If our rulers now propose to carpet bomb whatever Islamic country may be harbouring the directors of the attacks, I cannot find it in me to raise a word of protest.”

    With respect, I submit: There are no countries. There are only people. The carpet bombing has occurred. Whether or not those responsible have been eliminated, in accordance with the justice of natural law, is now quite immaterial. Innocents have been slain, and slain in accordance with the tactic to which assent is given here.

    There are no “countries” There are no “peoples”. There are no “cultures”. There are individuals. Where they bunch together in groups and act against natural law, we may justly retaliate. But there is no atrocity conducted by individuals where retaliation upon their non-culpable families, neighbors or countrymen is justified.

    That said, probably all of us in the west experienced dramatic emotional reactions to the events of 9/11. These events, though, should not alter our conceptions of morality one iota. A morally consistent response to these crimes might have been to locate the individuals responsible for ordering, coordinating, funding and facilitating the attacks and laying them to rest with bullets to the brain. The number of people involved would doubtless be small, though perhaps considerable. Invading a nation (Afghanistan) and destroying a people, however, can never be justified in the name of bringing those who held them in servitude to justice, no matter their crimes.

    Even given this, the rest of the article is sound. I wonder if, given the benefit of hindsight, the author might have changed his views on that one controversial statement above to which I reacted.

  2. I wonder if for the seventh anniversary the government is finally going to tell us how gigantic skyscrapers can “collapse” at freefall rate (as the 9/11 whitewash commission and the N.I.S.T. both admitted) when anyone with common sense can figure out that the uppermost part of a building is not going to be able to “fall” into and THROUGH the remaining solid majority of said building at anything remotely resembling the rate of solid objects falling through air (barring the use of explosives i.e. a controlled demolition). Solids just cannot otherwise pass through other solids like that without something (explosives) rendering the remaining majority to such a non-resisting state. Think we’ll finally get an actual explanation? Nah, most Americans are far too dumb and detached and mentally castrated to even consider something like that anyway.

  3. Lev, my dear fellow.

    You probably think that “Bush” “hid information” about how the twin towers (and have you forgotten building seven”?) were destroyed, as an “inside job” to make it look like the US had external enemies, or something like that.

    I know. I’ve read it too.

    “Thermit” – yes? (it ought to be spelled “Thermite”. That’s how I can guess that they truthers don’t know what they are talking about.)

    Look, Lev, I make “Thermite” in the kitchen, from the (right) misture of aluminium metal powder and ferric oxide. And I demo it to students.

    And what do you understand by “freefall rate”, exactly? I really really really want to know. For although there is such a physical value for the rate of acceleration of an object in the earth’s gravitational field at the planet’s surface (the strength of which is 9.81 newtons/kilogram) such speed cannot ever in practice be achieved.

    So why did the “truthers” think this speed had been achieved, and how did they measure it?

    If this was a court of law, and I was the prosecution attorney (I assume you are American as you might be a “truther”) the I would be asking you this question.

  4. I forgot to add that, to bring down the twin towers with “Thermite”, you’d need to spend quite some days, in preparation. Probably more. The place would be bristling and bursting at the seams with what we in the UK call “Workmen”, swarming all over the buildings with vast charge-bags full of “thermite” and explosives and promoters (such as magnesium metal) of other sorts probably, to set the stuff off (it is very very hard to do, and not predictable in exact timing especially for large charges of several tons EACH, and many, many of them at once, needed to melt the supports of huge buildings like the World Trade Center, on the right floors, in the right order, and with the right time-diffs between each floor-set, for them to “collapse and fall at terminal speed” (rubbish anyway.))

    Thousands, and thousands, and thousands, of people, would be “in the loop.”

    What commercial outfit, that supplied the caterers for the labour force who were to “thermite” the buildings, would not give its eyeteeth to get a sum from, say “The National Enquirer”, to “talk”?

    Builders and navvies of all nations, including the USA I am sure, are all notoriously talkative, specially in groups, and specially to pretty wenches who serve them their burgers and coffee (I assume USA navvies drink coffee, not “tea”?)

    Gossip would have been heard.

    And you can’t, really can’t, be telling us here that the buildings were “wired for demolition” from the day they were built?

  5. Going in and out of funny hidey-holes, and odd casements, all over the lift-shafts and staircases, and even in the floors.

    So, who noticed all these “workmen”, clearly organised by Bush, so they could not have gone in before Jan 2001 at the earliest.

    so, where’s the evidence fo all this demoliton-prepping-activity, in the early months of the Bush presdency, eh, Lev?

    Clinton wasn’t going to demolish the place was he, for he’s a good-man! So no massive over-running of the twin-towers under HIS rule, then!

    Or did Bush-Senior, the Nazi oilman, organise it in advance?
    Or Reagan? I would not be surprised – I sacked a very very pretty and f***able girlfriend in 1980, who had the loveliest breasts you could wish to feel against your body, for wailing one evening that Reagan wanted to “blow up the world”, and ought not to be elected (she was a British university graduate, silly woman, and the Cold War was well-on.) Some things matter more than sex, when your civilisation is under fire from silly-people.

    Don’t worry – I got another one a couple of years later. (A girlfriend, not a world.)

    Do tell about the preparations for the 9/11 event – I’d love to know, and it will be the story of the century! I promise to publish it and you don’t even need to pay us!

  6. Dave:

    Sneers and jibes will get you nowhere when you are confronted by hard physical evidence.

    In no particular order:

    [1] “Freefall” is taken to mean the motion of (say) a small steel ball dropped straight down from the top of the building in question. If the top of the building falls to the ground at the same rate, that’s “free fall.” Mass, gravitational area, surface area. That’s all. We have dozens of videos and _seismograph records_ all showing that three steel-framed ferroconcrete skyskrapers fell on the same day at freefall rate. Since the damage to the buildings was supposed to be caused by a few hours of black-smoke (low temperature) fires, when the steel framework “wicks” away the local heating all the while, you are left with an insoluble problem: how could this possibly have happened?

    Answer: It can’t.

    [2] The best that NIST were able to come up in the way of samples (after Giuliani had stopped posturing on a mountain of bodies of First Responders, and had told everyone “The air is safe to breathe! Go back to work!” (when New York was blanketed by hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete and asbestos and w.h.y. toxic dust particles less than 100 microns in diameter)) were three steel beams evidencing 250 degree Centigrade temperatures. after Giuliani had ordered all the crime scene evidence off overseas, to be recycled, in gross defiance of the laws regarding Crime Scene evidence, that’s what we have to go on. 250 degrees C won’t buckle a beam. It’ won’t collapse it. It just makes it hot.

    [3] Perhaps you’d like to explain how “heat-induced buckling” can account for explosive radial disintegration of hundreds of thousands of tons of structural stell and concrete, in a passable imitation of a mushroom cloud. You can’t? See?

    [4] Where are all four engines, with their tell-tale serial numbers? Where are the solid steel axles? The hydraulic actuators? The black boxes? Where are the Goddamn _aircraft_?? Normally, all four would HAVE to be reconstructed by crash investigators… Where are the investigations??

    [5] What, pray, happened to all the fire-suppression sprinkler systems? They’re never even mentioned. It’s as if they never existed. But they did. They were retrofitted to WTC 1 and 2 after construction.

    [6] How did people planting thermite and radio-controlled C-4 charges get at the structure?

    Well, if you carefully examine the structural plans, you will notice a 36″ ‘crawl space’ under each 22ga. steel floor pan. Each of these has 4″ of concrete poured into it, and it’s supported by 33″ trusses, from which is suspended the ceiling for the floor underneath. These crawl spaces extend to the steelwork of the outer structure and the structure of the inner tower of the “Twin-Tube” design. Each crawl space can be accessed from the service elevators and service areas in the Central Tower.

    Easy, huh?

    Now all this doesn’t tell us who actually _did_ it.

    It DOES tell us it wasn’t the aircraft.

    It DOES tell us that the collaboration of Giuliani and Ashcroft was essential. Since Giuliani and his pal Bratton deove over 800,00 New Yorkers out of New York with their “zero-tolerance” brutalism, I’m quite willing to believe that they’d have few qualms about killing a few thousand more if it suited their social-control purposes. Which it most certainly did.

    Means: motive: opportunity.



    Pilots for 9/11 Truth


  7. Sorry, Tony.

    I don’t buy that all this conspiracy stuff could have been done, involving thousands of people, without anybody either grassing up your villains, or anybody noticing.

  8. Dave:

    That’s because you don’t seem to understand SCO (Sensitive Compartmented Operations). You also don’t seem to understand that any of the (as few as 8) insiders who let on would end up as dead as Dr. David Kelly (who predicted he’s be found dead in a wood in an apparent ‘suicide) or Dr. Ivey, the Fort Detrick Biological Warfare “anthrax letter” man, who was indeed found conveniently dead just before his trial opened, allegedly of “paracetamol and codeine poisoning.” Do you think that a biological warfare expert would choose to die painfully over days?? Of liver necrosis??

    How convenient. The FBI writes “Case Closed” on his body with no loose ends of unindicted co-conspirators to follow up. Neat!

    Anyone who admitted involvement would be torn limb from limb, or be “disappeared”, or would be found dead in unexplained circumstances. You know that.

    Where do you get this crazy idea that “thousands” would be involved? Just knowing what you do now, you could figure out how to do it with a couple of dozen people, most of whom would vanish as soon as their usefulness finished.

    Around eight insiders. Around a couple dozen pairs of hands. How many people did it take to organize the “Strategy of Tension” in Italy in the ‘Seventies, whereby factions in the Italian “Security Services” murdered Also Moro, the Prime Minister, bombed Bologna Station (87 dead) and left a trail of killings and bombings, all blamed on “The Red Brigades” and the Black Fascists.

    Webster G. Tarpley, who documented the episodes for the Italian Parliament, has also writted a book on “9/11” as an Inside Job.

    Dave, the problem is that you don’t WANT to understand. I know that position. I tried to subvert my rationality for several months after, but I couldn’t make myself believe the Official Conspiracy Story (“19 Islamic crazies led by a guy in an Afghan cave.”). :rolleyes: C’mon!!!



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