Sean Gabb was right after all!

David Davis

Even the crypto-lefty John le-Carré now thinks there is a case for thinking that the “anti-terror” “laws” might be an excuse for a police-state.

I’m sure that the PM will say something about “protecting and supporting the British People against terrorism” (or against bust banks) in his speech later.

I caught that rather strange object “Jacqui” “Smith”, quite accidentally, on the Wireless Tele Vision Machinery, this morning. It (the “Jaqcqui” (?) “Smith”  (I can’t often spell “Jacqui” easily these days, there are so few of them) ) was mouthing something about “supporting the British People through a difficult time and supporting the Prime Minister while he “gets on with the job” “. All I was trying to do was change channels to “CeeBee-Bies”, for our littlest boy. And I got “ministers”…oh well.)


  1. Yes but. Le Carre is a bit of a twit, politically. I admired his books in the 70s. But since the Iron curtain oxidized I think he became disillusioned. Actually I would love to ask him some questions and have a chat with him sometime, if he has any free moments. I feel it is unintelligent for an apparently intelligent man to be less than fully realistic.
    Yes sure, the Islamic threat has been used to hype up all manner security techniques and procedures. But then those who would build a dictatorship do tend to allow real threats to become more real in order to facilitate their aims. It does not mean they were not real threats though.
    No doubt the “cure” will be far worse than the illness. Especially if they want to use mega yield antibiotics to cure what could be fixed with a good dose of vitamin C.

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