What exactly is it that the Mandy-Man has, and the rest of us don’t?

David Davis

He’s back. Whatever is to become fo the EU? I thought he was running it. I mean, you know, he’s awfully grand, and increasingly distinguished-looking as he beings to decay, and he must be terribly terribly clever and all that stuff, but……why?

Do they perhaps think Mandy-Pandy looks sufficiently like an ageing Tory that people will start to vote for, er, Gordon, again?

Brown clearly thinks he needs help, from someone who knows him. And what, pray, exactly, is a “Business Secretary”? I thought that was a “lady type writer”…….until earlier today I discovered GramscoMarxianazism.

And guys like this, get worshipped and brown-nosed, for designing

cuboidal box with people in it
cuboidal box with people in it

stuff like this?

And this? What’s wrong with just some nice old chairs, which look like they’ve been sat on for about 800 years (they could even be repro, they’ll probably last almost as long.)?

)weird chairs made of pressed cardboard
weird chairs made of pressed cardboard


  1. Dave:

    Peter Mandelson has high intelligence.

    He has much-needed creative abilities in politics.

    He has a good-natured sense of humour.

    He’s not a bigot or a nationalist.

    He wants a better life for the people of Britain?

    He doesn’t want the Ur-“Tories” to get elected?



  2. Whatever Mandelson’s “skills” he is a descredited little man, who has been brought back not for the sake of his experience and value to the British people, but because Gordon Brown thinks he will make New Labour more electable. Total tosh.

  3. UK-Voter

    Perhaps you could come back to us when you learn to spell properly. By then, your “views” (such as they are) may have changed.

    Peter Mandelson is far from being “discredited” (except perhaps for anti-Semites and homophobes). He has been cleared of any wrongdoing. “New Labour” was far less auhoritarian when he was actively involved in it, before Blair developed “Christian” self-righteousness and dogmatism to an art-form.

    Bye Bye!


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