What a load of pretentious tosh

David Davis

“Jacqui” “Smith”, while pretending to be a “schools minister”:-

And Malvern is not near Birmingham: trust me, I live in the “North”. The learndroid is trying to look like what she thinks people will think are “real” “socialists”: you know – the ones who live in “cities”, and the like.


  1. I guess not, since she is most probably (being a member of ZanuLieBorg) a Feminazi.

    I also do not want to disparage Hertford, a fine College – even if a bit modern – but I wonder why they don’t disown her, since she embodies the symbolisation of destroying all that it (and the other Colleges) stand for.

  2. If I had been her College Tutor, then I’d have done my best to drag her away from the false Idols and Altars of Stalinism.

    But maybe she had the bad fortune to fall in with Terry Eagleton, in his “great” days. I don’t know.

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