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For new viewers (we seem to get a lot just now) this blog is NOT ABOUT RAILWAY TRAINS, honest, er, guv! Nah, it’s about Liberty and the ascent of Man from the precipitous and slippery shite-hole of socialism and stalinist tyranny and collectivism. It’s just that these engines are beautiful and clever, and help to symbolise Man’s individual triumph over the lefty saddo, which wants to bring him Down…..to die in the rain, alone.

What they do, furthermore, relies absolutely on the individual skills of their Driver and their Fire Man, who have to perform at a high level under stress, responding to outside signals while also being mindful of the state of their engine and its fire (and fuel and water supply) and the track-gradient at any time. Men who can drive or fire these machines are cleverer than we think.

That’s why we need to get government ( = socialists) out of “education” – so we can have proper schools again FOR EVERYBODY, in which children can be taught science and maths (properly so they can piss all over even the difficult stuff, like these engine-drivers did) and so that they can tell when they are being had by stalinists posing about on the WireLess Tele Vision.

For those less fortunate, who live abroad and thus don’t know, this engine holds the world speed record for steam traction, set on 3rd July 1938, at  (about) 126 mph (not in this film):-

A Mallard is, naturally, a kind of duck. Not what I’d have called an engine after, but in those days people cared about all sorts of things the significance of which is now lost or forgotten. You could shoot them, anybody could, coz you could have a gun then, and they were nice to eat.

You could put them in a pot and cook them, having drawn them and taken off the feathers of course. Wish we could do that with socialists, although I am utterly sure that they would taste nasty, and we would not even put the residue on the garden – for safety reasons.

The point about how to restore the idea of liberalism into a people is to get their traditions back for them, from the fascist bastards which have stolen them (the traditions) from the people (who owned them.)


  1. You know, from the front it looks like a Pendolino, the train Our Richard uses, which crashes but with next to no casualties. At least one bastian of our beliefs can hold them up.

    In the meantime. I’m busy listening to Boccherini.

  2. Dave:

    You must be kidding!!!

    In 1952, I made my first appearance on the MO5 Watch List by writing to the Soviet Embassy for literature on Soviet science and engineering. Unlike Britain, engineers were _worshipped_ in the USSR.

    Take a look at some of these photos of heroic Soviet-era trains.


    You owe their designers an apology! >:-}



    • Dear Tony old chap!
      I would never presume to traduce the skills of the USSR’s engineers! Just look at what they were up against, for starters.

      I will look at your USSR trains – I am sure they are wonderful. I’ll tyr to do it now. DD

    • No-18 on the first page of Goole-images shows that they stole the plans for the BR 9F class. of which 92220 Evening star you will know about. They merely made a bigger one. That’s OK. But they stole it.

      Commie Bastards. After all.

  3. Steven Northwood:

    A few years back, my mail was being messed around, my phone calls interfered and so on.

    I was chatting with Stanley Kubrick, who wanted some information of Web Browsers. We chatted for hours about all kinds of things.

    He asked me if I’d seen his film “Full Metal Jacket”. I said “Nope.” He said “I’ll send you a video if you like.”

    Cheekily, I asked him to inscribe it to me. (He wasn’t big on autographs). He laughed and said “OK: Ask my Chief of Staff to fix it.”

    So I asked AF to fix it, and mentioned that “they” were f**ing my mail around. He laughed, and said: “We know how to deal with that! We insure the video for £3,000, and if it goes missing, we’ll split the money and send you another one. We can keep this up for a long time — we have a warehouse-full!”

    The video arrived just fine.

    Don’t assume that being on an MI5 watch list is fun — it isn’t.

    Not always… >:-}



  4. Steve:

    Absolutely yes. Several times. Ask Tony Frewin, his Chief of Staff, who recommended me. One recluse talks with another. That’s how Stanley lived. And I have the “Full Metal Jacket” video to prove it. It’s very valuable — Stanley wasn’t into autographs. He never even replied to fan letters. They were all stored in the legendary boxes, marked as “favourable”, “hostile” and “neutral.”

    Stanley kept everything — including the two science-fiction collections I sent him as ideas for movies. “No Woman Born” by Catherine L. Moore; and “The Game of Rat and Dragon” by Cordwainer Smith (Dr. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, who founded US Psychological Warfare Departments at the Pentagon then at CIA — I’ve chatted with his daughter Rosana, who keeps an online archive).

    I don’t know why anyone should think any of this is remarkable — the President of the Australian Bar Association jumped me over a 5 year waiting list into Geelong Grammar School, the finest school in Australia, where the people who own and run Australia send their kids to learn to be good at stuff. All you need to know is that (a) “famous people” ar just like you; and (b) they enjoy chatting about subjects of mutual interest.

    I’ve met or talked with General Dan Graham, the Chief of Reagan’s Star Wars programme (he inscribed my Project Book); Admiral Noel Gayler, the Chief designer of SIOP (the US nuclear warplan), Director of the National Security Agency and CinC, US Pacific Forces; Friedrich Hayek; Barry Goldwater; Milton Friedman; Murray Rothbard; Geoffrey Howe; Keith Joseph; Eamonn Butler; Ed Feulner of Heritage; Chris Tame; Dave Davis; Sean Gabb; the list is near-endless.

    “Some men see things as they are and ask “Why?”

    But I saw things that never were, and asked “Why not?” — Aeschylus

    I don’t think you know who I am; but


    should help you along (smiles)



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