Libertarian beliefs: a sign of mental illness?

David Davis

The Cato Institute seems to think that people think so. Interesting.


  1. Alas, some people are more concerned about their “Great Reputations” than they are concerned to learn and understand Truth…

    “All ideologies are covers for unconfessable interests.” — Robert G. Wesson, the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, California.

    ———— * * * * * ————
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, writing on Truth:
    ———— * * * * * ————

    “They were wrong, and they will always be wrong, those prophets who say Art will degenerate, will exhaust all conceivable forms, will die. It is we who will die; Art will remain. And shall we — before we perish — manage to understand all its facets and all its purposes?

    Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words.

    Art thaws even the frozen, darkened soul, opening it to lofty spiritual experience.

    Through Art we are sometimes sent — indistinctly, briefly — revelations not to be achieved by rational thought.

    It is like that small mirror in the fairy-tales — you glance in it, and what you see is not yourself: for an instant, you glimpse the Inaccessible, where no horse or magic carpet can take you.

    And the soul cries out for it…”

    ———— * * * * * ————

    From ‘One Word of Truth…’ — The Nobel Speech on Literature; by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: BBC External Services Translation, Publ. The Bodley Head [1972]


    ———— * * * * * ————

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