At the start of the future, libertarian States will need military establishments…

..but I know that you’ll all say that in the long run we won’t. I hope you’re right. You may well be. Libertarians think they are right or they would not be here.

David Davis

In the meantime, a government which hates the Armed services, because it is anti-Western and GramscoFabiaNazi, dumps them and their families in slums. Of course. If you were “Grodn Brown” or “Jacqui” “Smith” or other various “pacifists”, which is to say: people who hate Western Civilisation and want it overwhelmed by neo-pastoralist-barbarioGramscians, then you will (a) not want to spend taxation on defence, which could otherwise go to deserving projects like “disabled Global transgendered outreach”, and (b) you will want to demoralise as far as possible the people who still believe enough in a loyal military, to the extent that they want to serve in it.

The Remittance Man has a good solution.


  1. Nah, there’s no such thing as a libertarian state – the state is fundamentally un-libertarian…

    What need is there for a military? Invading the UK would be very difficult (and would be more difficult in a libertarian society where people are allowed to defend themselves and are more able to be self sufficient if needs dictate).
    Factor in mutual defense associations and private defense associations and what need is there for a government military?

    We can’t defend against nuclear attack, all we can do is retaliate before we get destroyed.
    A libertarian society would not participate in invasion of other areas (the chief role of a state military).

    Allowing a state military eases the creation of a ruling class. It creates a ‘need’ for taxation and ensures the state continues to exist.

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