Even Prime-Mentalists should not behave like thugs to their stafff

michael Winning

It says in today’s Daily Mail that Gordon Brown has been told off by his most senior Civil Servant to “curb his volcanic temper”. You wonder what else is not stated and what else was told to hm. Where there’s smoke there’s fire or willl be soon.

If the election (if, not when) goes ahead and we are stuck witht his fellow, I don’t fancy five more years of this lot. Prime Ministers even lefty-fascist ones, ought to know how to behave at least to their nearest conspiratoors. We;ll be laughed at even by bemedalled African dictators in sunglasses, at least they wastes no time killing their opponemts.


  1. You and I, anonymong, both know that the Maily-Wail and the Wail-on-Sunday are really the same paper, even if Michael does not know that they might perhaps submit separate accounts to HMRC.

    Oh, and as bloggengruppenfuhrer, I don’t take kindly to patronising, self-regarding, superior-sounding twats who savage my writers while refusing to reveal their own name. Especially if they are really only Deputy-Junior-Assistant-Underpedants.

    If you dare to upset me by scragging my hard-working family-chimpanzee-type-writer-team-members more than twice more, I will have to seriously consider copying-and-pasting your comments into an individual post which discusses the epistemological implications of anonymous commenting using four-letter words related to the concept of wide foreign travel combined with procreation.

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