3rd September 1650 – A Proud Day in English History

Sean Gabb

On this day, our gallant Lord Protector smashed a superior Scotch army and took Edinburgh. Obviously, this is not a victory our Government of Traitors will encourage us to celebrate.


  1. We don’t celebrate it because there is nothing to celebrate. Roundhead scum won a victory against forces loyal to our King chosen by God to rule over us. I’m surprised the present Roundhead scum haven’t declared today a public holiday.

  2. On the whole, I support the Parliamentary side in that one. Certainly, once it was a question of us against the Scotch and the Irish, I turn very anti-Stuart.

  3. The problem of the Scots in the 1640s/50s was that the Scottish Stuart king (Charles I) took it upon himself to cosy up to the Scots (possibly backed by the French as in all these matters, and just like today) in order to try to limit and destroy the authority of Parliament to reign his spending in.

    I think I have just described Gordon Brown, but there you are.

    The Scots thought they would have an easy ride down into England while it was still a bit raw and bruised. They were out for what they could grab, while our backs were turned. Can you blame them? I cannot. But they got trounced anyway.

    The other problem of course is that “The North”, which is where the Nissen-Hut-of-the LA_Chimpanzee-Type-writing-Team is situated, have never recovered from William-the-Bastard’s harrying of it in 1069-71. That’s why we are still so backward and yokellish here. And why the blasted place looks so wild and beautiful once you have left Bootle or Huyton.

    I’m sure there are some Scots libertarians who we don’t want to “offend”, such as Mr Eugenides and Legiron and the like, by this sort of stuff, but we’ll stand by it anyway. The Scots ought to be in the Union, as is right, for they are our brothers and sisters like the Irish, and petty distractions like the Oily Fish’s Nazi party will probably go away if ignored for long enough.

    And my mouse has just failed. That is a far larger disaster.

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