Christmas Greetings to Elizabeth the Useless

Sean Gabb

It is easy to say that Elizabeth II has been a dreadful Queen. She came to the throne amid the universal regard of her people and with our historic institutions only slightly damaged. She is now, at the close of her reign, the fig leaf for a New World Order satrapy. When I see what has become of England, even in my lifetime, I am moved to tears.

It would be unfair to expect Her Majesty to have put up a firm and unwavering resistance to the past sixty three years of constitutional destruction. But I do feel that she could have done more than she did. She is, after all, the Head of State. Her powers are greater than the leftist textbooks on constitutional law like to preach. Had she chosen the right causes and the right moments, she could have appealed over the heads of the politicians. She could have slowed things down. She might have done more than that.

On the other hand, she may have achieved something. She has survived, and she has kept the Monarchy in being. Her family has been lording it over us for the past 1,500 years that we know about. Her ancestors led ours to this island at the decline of Roman power, and she and her family remain a symbol of what we were and might be again. The survival of the institution that she embodies is a sign that, somewhere in the torbid body of our nation, a pulse continues to beat, and that some degree of recovery is still a possibility.

In a functional sense, monarchy can be a noble thing. With one or two exceptions, Presidents are jumped-up trash who lie their way into office and spend half a dozen years or so pulling in three lifetimes of income by way of bribes. When they try for any more positive achievement, it is generally destructive. For all her faults, our Queen has been better than that.

So, never mind the awful content of today’s Christmas Day broadcast, which I have decided not to watch. We still have a Queen. When she goes, we shall have a King. For all they have co-opted it, the cultural leftists know that there is a reset button somewhere in the system – a button they can try to hide, but never deactivate – and that, without blood in the streets, we may be able to get our country back.

On behalf of the Libertarian Alliance, I wish a Happy Christmas to Her Majesty the Queen.

Supplement: The broadcast is dreary stuff:


  1. Couldn’t disagree more Sean, she is a truly remarkable woman. Blame those lower down the food chain, like those cunts in blue uniforms and their colleagues in plain clothes; the people who run the abuse industry; the loony left; and especially the banks.

  2. I do not particularly blame her on the one hand because it is her job to be useless. The Monarchy is only allowed to survive by the real rulers so long as it promises to be useless, and to spend its time simply being rather than doing; gladhanding crowds of the simple minded and performing in constitutional pantomimes that have no substance whatsoever. She could be replaced by a performing chimpanzee for all the difference it would make.

    But on the other hand I do blame her because, for all that, if she had really cared about “her” country she could have challenged that Constitutional convention. She did not because I believe honestly that she did not want to, and is in favour of all that has transpired during the years her royal backside has been on the throne.

    If we ever recover England from the Sith, I cannot see this monarchy being part of it. They have participated too enthusiastically in the regime. Since the English like a monarch though, I suggest we appoint a new one from the common people by lottery. Which is after all pretty much how we got this one anyway.

    “Who’s available? Mr and Mrs Orange? They’ll do. Send them over”.

    • It is a great shame and sad, but I fear Ian is right. Moreover, to recover England in the end, the full and possibly active support of the Armed Forces will probably be required; matters have progressed too far for the use of mere newspapers, blogs and “voting” by “the people” to produce any meaningful result.
      The Sith have almost fully succeeded in rendering these useless or nugatory. This cannot be by accident, when every other government on the planet is arming itself to the teeth without restriction.

  3. Whatever he said, I agree with Sean and his fan club here. Time I gave up on the truth and simply go for the popular vote I reckon. Not that I don’t think her Maj isn’t a waste of rations.

  4. I think that all of you are unfair and unreasonable and – possibly – inaccurate, insofar as none of us know what effect – for good or ill – her thousands of hours of discussions with the last 63 years’ worth of Prime Ministers has had.

    I do not agree with Sean that in 1952 both the Constitution and individual freedoms were in good shape. We had long since become a Big Government, redistributive state.

    What amazing monarch should the Queen have modelled herself on?

    I believe that our Queen has been a very good Head of State. Her standards of probity and hard work set an example that few reach, whether they be another head of state, or a private individual.

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