Be of Reasonable Cheer

Sean Gabb

[This began as a response to one of our Blogmaster’s more pessimistic comments. On reflection, it should be a main posting.]

We live in a remarkably free country. Bad things happen, but bad things have always happened. There never was a time when there were no persecuted outsider groups in this country.

Look at how full the lunatic asylums used to be – not all of people who were mad by any reasonable definition. Look at the anti-homosexual witch hunts – dozens of men were hanged for Buggery every year until the 1820s. Look at laws like the Contagious Diseases Act, or at the Sedition laws, or the anti-Catholic laws. Look at the anti-Jacobin panic and prosecutions of the 1790s, or the harrying of the Jacobites, or the Popish Plot mania.

The main difference between then and now appears to be that power was misused in the past in misguided attempts to protect the community. It is now misused to destroy the community. This is a considerable and a worrying difference.

Even so, we still have as much effective freedom of speech as anywhere in the world. There is probably nothing you cannot say in this country. There are things it is legally ruinous to say in certain forms of expression. There is a smaller class of issues that are best avoided altogether because of informal penalties. Except that the ideas not to be expressed are different, no change here from the past.

Indeed, if you look at the people who have got into trouble for opening their mouths, they have spent years asking for it. Of course, they should not get it. We can agree that it is disgraceful that Joshua Bonehill got sent to prison for sending out some antisemitic cartoons, or that Anjem Choudary may go to prison for suggesting that suicide bombing may be rather a good thing. But these men had spent years annoying the authorities. At any time up till their arrest, they could have said sorry and shut up and been left alone. Again, no change here from the past. That is how things have always worked.

Yes, Nick Griffin nearly got sent to prison for making those comments on Islam. But he was a noted dissident – and he did get off. He did better than other dissidents who were done for Blasphemous Libel or Seditious Libel as late as the 1820s. Yes, Emma West was done over for speaking out of turn on a tram. But she was lower class and a bit mad. People like her have never had entire freedom of speech. If she had spoken up on a tram c1910 for abortion on demand or a republic, she might have been spat on, or even committed.

We are spied on as we go about our business. But hardly any of the information harvested is ever used. One of the reason the authorities keep asking for more catch-all laws is that whatever they pull in after the last set of laws is never of any use to them. Bearing in mind all the IT procurement scandals, probably everything they harvested before about 2010 is as easily available as whatever data we may still have on 3.5″ floppies.

We may do well to see state oppression as a searchlight. It often shines today on things that were ignored in the past. But it has always been there, and it shone just as brightly in the past on other things. It may have a larger cover nowadays. Or it may not – we cannot say for sure.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have never done any of these things, and I do not advocate doing them. But there seem to be workrounds for virtually every apparently draconian law. If you want drugs, find a reliable supplier – there are thousands of doctors who will prescribe anything for a small fee – and consume them at home. If you want illegal porn, don’t pay for it with a credit card, and keep it on the smallest memory card you can find on E-Bay. If you want to set up a madrassa and lecture five year-olds on the joys of head-chopping, don’t advertise for students in the local paper – and keep your lustful hands off the children. If you want to deal in substantial amounts of cash, find a plausible excuse for the bank clerks, and make sure to pay a reasonable amount of income tax. If you want to evade tax altogether, try not to live like a prince.

The number of things known to the authorities is very small. The number of things known that can be acted against is even smaller. If it were otherwise, there would be less public hysteria and fewer exemplary punishments.

Speaking for myself, I find the authorities in this country notably mild. They have no legitimate right to know how much money I am earning, or to expect me to ask permission to knock down a building in my garden. But they have those rights at present. They have never been used tyrannically against me. It is a nuisance to deal with all the bureaucracy and meddling in private life. But I am middle class, and have no evident desire to suffer martyrdom. I am the sort of person who knows how to make focussed complaints in writing. I mostly get what I want, and have never yet suffered more than low-level inconvenience. Even police officers armed to the teeth call me “Sir.”

Returning to our general situation, we have much better means of outreach than ever before. Since the entire surveillance budget is probably earmarked for spying on teenage Moslems in Leicester, I doubt we are being watched, or watched with any interest. If there is any truth in what we are saying, it will gradually make its way into the mainstream. See how the global warming narrative has collapsed. See how the medical authorities eventually accepted that many ulcers were caused by bacterial infection. See how the dietary bureaucracies have quietly given up their demonisation of fat and their plugging of carbohydrate. Wherever we look, there are cases of truth prevailing over falsehood. It may take a while for truth to prevail. In the meantime, no one gets sent to the salt mines for challenging established opinions – or arrested for dissenting from them in middle class prose.

In general, every unique challenge we face is balanced by a unique means of responding. I don’t deny we are a long way from any kind of libertarian victory. But we don’t live in Airstrip One, and are unlikely ever to find ourselves there. In the meantime, we plod on, neither martyring ourselves nor going invisible.


  1. Old man, I do hope you will turn out to be right. But perhaps it’s because I am older than you, and so on and so forth. Maybe all will turn out to be well in the end, but it would have been nice to see it.
    Just at the end of 2015, I saw the life of the father of a student of mine, destroyed wantonly. A bloke (we are in fact quite, quite sure we know him …but can’t be certain… that got called as a witness – Lancashire is still a small place, and this perjuror lied in Court) had a “grudge”, and planted “things” on a house laptop. This was most probably because my student declined to sleep with him (she told me so). Then the local Police were tipped off, and the house got raided. The poor dad had not the benefit of good legal pre-advice when the 6-am-door-knock came, and “admitted” that he was “responsible for all computers in this house”.

    The dad had (well, still sort of has) a retail business in a town near here. It’s still going, although in a recovery mode right now, run by his wife instead (the staff all sneer and snigger, I’ve watched them privately); he’s not allowed to attend it, and is “on probation”. Everything “got in the local papers”, and they staked out his house whenever he was going in and out on bail, and took photos.

    This family plan to sell up both house and business when all the local frissons and lovely smutty scandal has all died down among the formally-fashionably-dressed-dogwalking-fraternity, and will probably leave the country. This will be a grave loss.

  2. The government isn’t trying to transform Britain into Airstrip One. Its objective is a softer, more benign tyranny – for now. There are no spectacularly cruel punishments for thought crime, as yet – but then again, real criminals don’t get severe punishments either. The freedoms people enjoyed are being eroded slowly. It’s the boiling-a-frog thing. If you do it slowly enough, the victim won’t jump out of the pot until it’s too late.

    • Just wait until the EU referendum gets under way.

      Every outer will become a monster, a cretin, compared with their hated Powell.

      Any outer they feel they cannot paint in that way will be treated to condescension.

  3. I don’t think that I’ve ever read such smug, self-satisfied – and, frankly, stupid – comments in a long time.

    The game is to dispossess the people of Britain, and the rest of Europe for that matter, and the process is well under way. Almost all our institutions, including the media and judiciary, have been infiltrated and subverted to that cause. Anyone who can’t see that must be either blind or stupid.

    You say that there is probably nothing that you cannot say in this country. In fact the reverse is increasingly true, there are more and more things which you cannot say. Only recently Paul Gascoigne was investigated for a ‘hate-crime’ – yes I know he’s ‘lower class and a bit mad’ so doesn’t count – for making a inconsequential joke about a black security guard.

    First they came for the lower-class, who were a bit mad, and I did nothing…

    Enjoy your fools’ paradise, Sean – enjoy it while you can.

    • The game is to dispossess the people of Britain, and the rest of Europe for that matter, and the process is well under way.

      That is the ultimate aim, undoubtedly. But it’s being done slowly, as I said. We could still use the freedoms we have left to stop and reverse it.

      • When have I ever sat back and done nothing?

        Indeed. When anyone mentions the main group behind the loss of free speech, you side with the enemies of free speech and pretend that they aren’t doing what they’re doing. You have good reasons to do so, because you have a family and need to earn money for them, but there have been good reasons to collaborate with illiberalism throughout history. If people had always acted as you do, we wouldn’t have free speech.

      • Sean writes what he sees. So also do I. But each of us sees the ongoing demolition – whether by accident or design – of England, from differing angles.
        Sean writes better than I do, and often perceives chicks of light, seeing as he does further and also in more detail that I, in places where I cannot.
        I am slightly closer to the bottom of the cesspool than he is.

        • If Sean ‘writes what he sees’, then I would respectfully suggest that he invests in a new pair of spectacles.

        • The point I am making is not that everything is fine – it plainly isn’t – but that things may not on balance be much worse than they used to be. A hundred years ago, we were stuck in a bloodbath cheered on by the entire ruling class. Fifty years ago, men were being sent to prison for letting the wrong sort of consenting adult touch their willies. Twenty five years ago, a man was sent to prison for “aiding and abetting an assault on himself.” No doubt, there are people among us who want to make things much worse than they are. But there have always been such people. Our job is to help fight them off – just as our intellectual ancestors did their bit in their own time.

          • I know what point you are making, and it’s bullshit. What happened a hundred years ago is irrelevant. What is happening now is what’s important. I’m almost 70 years of age, I won’t be around in 50 years time – but my grandchildren will. What sort of country will they live in if what is happening now isn’t challenged and reversed? They will almost certainly be an ethnic minority here, perhaps living under Shariah Law. Too horrendous to contemplate, let alone brush aside with some codswallop about the 19th Century.

            It can be challenged, even defeated, but not by running away and pretending it’s not happening – and certainly not by refusing to recognise who’s behind it all. These things can be brought out into the open and discussed, providing that it’s done without being too specific – and done one step at a time. That way more people will become involved, and that is the only possible way to salvation. The alternative is Rob’s boiling frog with the heat gradually being turned up until we are all completely cooked.

            • Oh dear, looks like the little gang’s been out with their thumbs-down pencils.

              Libertarians, pah! Servitude lovers more like. I think I walked through the wrong door by mistake. Sorry to have troubled you.

            • I am generally, near wholly, in agreement with what you are saying. I understand Sean’s point, and he is right in some ways, but then again, I think you are too.

              It is becoming astonishing how many people I find in different places who are switched on to what is happening and who, more often than not, seem to be driving it. People are getting much harder in their views and positions. People are ever more seeking out alternatives to the mainstream narratives.

              What you are saying in your reply here, is something I have been giving a lot of thought about in recent times.

              The problem with bringing it all out into the open is that people are frightened by it, they are mentally programmed to refuse to even listen to it. It is just too big a subject and too technically deep for average people to understand and get behind. Bring it down to the ‘basics’ and it becomes too crude, to sweeping, too ‘nasty’ and ‘shocking’ to be taken seriously.

              If you went to average people in your street, in the supermarket, in elections, presenting them with information about what we believe to be taking place…they will simply reject it. They have other things on their mind, other cares, whether it be ill relatives, what to make for dinner, what will be on TV tonight, their next promotion chances, whatever.

              They have no reason, at all, to side with us and take up the cause. Not least because they know what happens to those who take a stand, or even what it “makes them” in the eyes of their friends, relatives, social peers, if they start asking the kinds of questions necessary to make sense of what is going on around us and in the wider world today.

              They have every reason to continue on in their everyday lives as they are doing. They are virtually unreachable. There is a marvellous awakening going on in the virtual world, but getting it out into the everyday populace is near on impossible, considering the state of things out there and the dominance of the systems that seek to keep people sleepwalking with liberalism.

              The key, like you seem to suggest, is perhaps to bring the overarching system down via compelling people to behave in ways that will more mundanely bring it down without them even really knowing anything at all about the bigger scenario.

              It is perhaps like selling the better virtues and values of National Socialist Germany without telling people where it really comes from, or what kind of society it could create. March up and down, vocally make noise about Jewry, wave banners, issue leaflets on “the Frankfurt School” and “Coudenhove Kalergi” – and people will just tend to switch off. They can’t process it.

              Yet pressing for all the subset of things that can undermine the agenda….things which people, by and large, tend to support by default, may help usher in a more healthy bigger picture that has an antidote element within it. Bit by bit, they will be more open to hearing a message.

              Simultaneous targeting of companies, people, organisations who facilitate our downfall – to bring them down first, would be more productive than what many people are doing at the moment.

              I think they are pushing things to the point where it can snap. They are biting off more than they can chew. It is becoming very unstable. Angela Merkel’s New Year message smacks of desperation, whilst snotty liberals and journalists are openly mocking the destruction of white nations and welcoming it.

              The polarisation within nations can only increase.

          • The point I am making is not that everything is fine – it plainly isn’t – but that things may not on balance be much worse than they used to be.

            What could be worse than the dispossession and replacement of the white British by aliens? The Norman Conquest was very bad for the Anglo-Saxons and changed the course of history in the British Isles, but the Normans were from a closely related racial group and had a closely related culture. That is not the case with our Muslim and black enrichers. “Liberty” is a white thing. Other groups don’t get it.

  4. Sean also forgets that a vast tonnage of statist/socialist-created economic shite is about to land on the West. And that all the evildoers and psychopaths that humanity teams with are all still there -, just waiting for the opportunities that economic travail always gives them. Hell the opposition are now brazen marxshite and the media pumps out endless leftist lies everywhere.

  5. David Davies–The family you speak of should take their revenge on the individual responsible.

    • Rain is going to fall into his life in any case. He has been a serial failure since the age of fifteen. I know, because I was called in to help him with his science and maths A-levels. Despite my efforts, he flunked them all; too interested in girls (mostly from his younger sister’s local high school – but nothing wrong with that trait in itself in isolation) and modern-tech and money all combined…what else is there for a modern British boy to go to? He, though quite bright, is a classic example of how the British state education system is designed to disadvantage and impede boys. That said, he comes from a “commercially successful and socially popular local family” who also could have done more to help him. It’s all very sad really, and I’m sure this story is repeatable Up And Down The Land.

  6. We live in a remarkably free country.

    By comparison with North Korea or Russia, we do. But you haven’t addressed the questions of population growth — bad enough on its own, without asking which groups are growing fastest — and of technological advances in things like robotics and AI. We have an elite that wants to enslave us but doesn’t have the means to do so at present. And you yourself are terrified by any mention of the most important and powerful group in that elite.

    Since the entire surveillance budget is probably earmarked for spying on teenage Moslems in Leicester, I doubt we are being watched, or watched with any interest.

    Dishonest rhetoric designed to evade reality. It’s Muslims of military age in Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Madrid, etc, etc, etc that are the problem. And if the LA aren’t being watched much, it’s because you aren’t a threat. You won’t become one until you recognize the racial dimension to the extremely serious and growing problems that the West faces. That’s why they’ve persecuted Nick Griffin, Tommy Robinson and Emma West and left you alone.

    • Since every half-degree of warble-gloaming will increase the Earth’s output of Man-Made Grain/Rice/arable crops by 500 million tons a year, population growth will not, now, according to the GreeNazis, ever be a problem in Man’s lifetime (read; their dynasties’ lifetimes), since we have “Destroyed the Planet” by making it warmer.

      Yes, a degree C rise equates to about One Billion tons increase per year in arable/grain/rice/wheat/oats/rye/barley (more beer!). The coming century’s most urgent shortage to address will be that of _people_. To both eat and buy the food-tonnage, and to do useful stuff. That is, if we do not allow ourselves to be snuffed out in what Carl Sagan called “a moment of unforgiveable neglect”, in which we let certain people behead too many other people all at once, as oopposed to in some orderly fashion.

      The hope, such as it might be, that I see (I’m the pessimistic one, for I am “The Optimist Who Is In Possession Of The Facts”) in Sean’s post is that the GlobalNazi Establishment will begin coming undone at the seams as soon as ChIndoBrazilAfriNesia, paying no attention whatever to “carbon emissions”, marginalize the importance of the husks-of-countries which the GlobalNazis deliberately destroyed. The GramscoFabiaNazis destroyed them (ie; us) because they hated them (us) and thought that all our poor-people were white and smelled – and the children all had worms and ricketts – and that we all lived in brick slums in Preston and ate chip-butties and started to not vote Labour after a few generations of lying.

      Worse, we all used to get photographed in black and white, staring balefully to camera, with ripped clothes and sad expressions. So, we were nothing, not a patch on who they could snap elsewhere in colour, with flies all over them. (We didn’t manage the flies so well, as it was so cold….)

      • Population growth is already causing huge problems in the UK: public transport, the NHS, schools, etc, etc. If anything happens to disrupt the food and power supply, we are in serious trouble.

        The GramscoFabiaNazis have worked for a long time to create the present situation. I don’t think they will emerge victorious from it, but there is going to be a series of very nasty civil war over a wide area. If we’re lucky, nuclear weapons won’t be used. If we’re not, it will not be a good idea to live in a big city.

  7. May I suggest another difference between “then” and now.

    Laws, regulations and state intrusions generally limit and annoy the majority of what used to be thought “right thinking people”. Those who pay taxes, do not drop litter and comply with their promises seem to be constantly harried by the authorities.

    In the past it was the relative few who broke laws who were harried – laws of a type which had been in force since any recognisable society came into being: murder, theft, not paying your debts, etc.

    In the past the state was an entity citizens rarely came into contact with and they could live their respectable lives without conceding themselves with the petty and grand bureaucrats employed at their expense. Now we have to adopt the right tone to get planning consent, we have to grovel, we are afraid of being subject to arbitrary persecution by regulators. Regulators do not persecute those who have caused harm or who run unreasonable risks of doing so. They persecute those who do not fit their image of how their regulates ought to behave.

    Which regulated firm dares to speak out publicly about the FCA, for instance.

    Overall I would say the article is too sanguine

  8. Well said Anyuk.
    .Regret to say the notion that you can still say just about anything is true as long as you don’t tell it as it is. The late very courageous Dowager Lady Jane Birdwood was many times hauled before the courts under pressure from the Jews, because she really did tell it as it is.
    The reason this country is in the state it is is because of the Jews. Mass immigration would have been stopped years ago if the Jewish rentamobs had not attacked the NF so that ordinary people were to afraid to attend meetings. Every where people said “Enoch was right” under their breaths because they could not say it aloud because of the Race and Law and Order Acts passed under the guidance of Jews of Russian origin.
    We have a constant shortage of money for social services but always enough money for £108.000 bombs. We have had to pay untold billions and lost fine young men in Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya and now Syria. Not forgetting the hundreds of thousands of innocents killed In the case of Iraq and Syria this suits the terrorist state of Israel perfectly as it can enlarge its territory and you know, it was the British governments which did it for them. Mr Benjamin Freedman a Jewish New York industrialist wrote: “The influence of the Zionist organisations reaches into the into the inner policy-making groups of nearly every government in the world -particularly into the Christian West. This influence causes these groups to adopt pro-Zionist policies which are often in conflict with the real interests of the people they govern”. Sound familiar? Look up Jews in Parliament and you will even see Cameron boasting of his affinity with Israel..A recent sottview blog records that a couple of years ago a former French Foreign Minister Dumas told a French TV station that when he was in London he met British officials who told him they were planning to do something against Syria and would he like to join in. Syria is the implacable enemy of Israel. I am increasingly coming across the comment that we pay for Israel’s dirty work.
    Apart from their power in the media etc do you know why Israel gets away with persecuting the Palestinians? Everyone, especially the Christians in the West believes that the Jews have the right to return to the land of their forefathers. Wong. Ben Freedman again:” Political Zionism is almost exclusively a movement by the Jews of Europe. But these East European Jews have have neither racial nor historic connection with Palestine. Their ancestors were not inhabitants of the Promised Land… descendants of the Khazar kingdom, a non-semitic Mongolian tribal people…”. Massive hoax. One of the devastating consequences of all this fighting is that millions are now migrating towards Europe which suits the Zionists just fine. Everywhere you turn you see evidence that supports Ben Gurion’s statement in Look Magazine 1962 including the European Union.
    Sorry Sean. Your comfy little academia really puts you to sleep. Try listening to UK Column for a change and get real.
    I would welcome any contacts via my website where I hope to post much more about Zionism. No, I am not anti-semitic because they aren’t semites. The Arabs are.

    • Indeed, I suggest that further discussion of Jewish matters should be transferred to your website. The Libertarian Alliance does not welcome such discussions on its own Blog.

      I hope I shall not need to make this point with greater force.

    • I endorse Sean’s comment above, so I will also refrain from commenting upon the veracity of a number of things mentioned in Martin’s own comment.
      I may decide to say something formally about Israel at some later time, but this is not the time.

      • In my younger days ( I am now 76) when I was still green politically I tried to get into the SAS from the Intelligence Corps Mercifully in some ways I failed because while still “attached” as a supernumerary at Hereford base I was disgusted to see photos of SAS troopers standing laughing beside the disembowelled bodies (by SAS bullets) of Arabs such as the Palestine Liberation Organisation or PLO. I then understood nothing about that dispute and as I later realised when I quit the army the other troopers were simply useful tools of the politicians..While I was there the Rhodesians declared UDI and there was talk of sending the SAS to put down the rebellion. Ironic since the Rhodesian SAS had a sister Squadron!!
        Fortunately senior officers dissuaded Harold Wilson and the rest, sadly, including the assassination of the Rhodesia lawyer at Lancaster House and installation of Mugabe, is history. All this makes one deeply aware that something in the background is directing affairs. I have just realised that WW3 is not a major war but tidying up the loose ends for the NWO such as Rhodesia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. So forgive me if I get very angry at the misery and unhappiness all this is causing. This is real experience, it is far removed from comfortable academic discussion. Slowly one comes across bits of evidence like Thorneycroft’s booklet “Design for Europe” (1947) ( he sent me a copy!!!) which stated, ” no government dependent upon a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan must involve. the people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences…” Explains a few things about the “patriotic” Tories?
        While in New Zealand I read former FBI man Skousen’s “Naked Capitalist” and the quote by banker James Warburg in1950 to the U.S. Senate. “We (sic) shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether it will by conquest or consent”. Getting rid of independent Iraq, Libya, Syria??? so you must be completely thick or an intellectual coward if you don’t start putting two and two together and asking “Cui bono?” It always comes back to the same place.

        • I defer to your greater age. However, we must take a firm line here. Adverse discussions of Jews is not something we allow on this Blog – that, and advocacy of child sex and publication of the sort of cartoons that might get our heads carved off. In general, we just don’t allow anything that might get us into trouble or bring us into disrepute. I don’t wish to get into an argument on this point. I simply state our position and leave it to your own sense of propriety to comply.

          • It is your blog and you have every right to set the rules.
            I shall desist but you are a highly intelligent chap. Your request rather proves my point, does it not?
            Several of your correspondents have mentioned the word “fear”…what else needs to be said?

          • I’m very amused by the piece and this comment thread. As somebody else has mentioned, I see the ‘thumbs-down’ army is out in force, too.

            It’s always funny watching supposed free-thinkers scramble around desperately as soon as the ‘J’-word is mentioned. I think you outdo yourself on this occasion, though, by equating discussion of Jewish influence with such things as “advocacy of child sex”. That’s extraordinary. Even my jaw dropped on seeing that. It’s hilarious, though.

            Discussion of Jews and Jewish influence is not, per se, criminal, and you are quite wrong to infer that it is. By doing so, you are in effect blocking the discussion of an important issue in society. Can the Libertarian Alliance tell us of any other group that enjoys this protection?

            All that being said, I do understand why there is a concern. Nobody wants trouble with the law, and anyway, this is your blog, and I agree with the commenter above that your wishes should be respected. I think it’s also important to acknowledge that, unlike most, Dr Gabb and the Libertarian Alliance do respect free speech and no attempt has been made to delete or block comments. I think that’s laudible and greatly to the credit of all involved.

            • Tom and others. Thanks for your support. Sean’s request will be respected by me but if you trawl back to my previous comments you will see my website. there is a link there,(you might even be interested in accordion in France?) if you wish to continue elsewhere and identify by nom de plume or name used here, fee l free. thanks

  9. I oscillate between optimism and pessimism, the former because solving our problems would be so easy, the latter because it seems that such solutions will not be allowed by the minority who rule us. The New Years news from Cologne suggests to me that there is little time left. Events seem to be moving much faster than I would have predicted even ten years ago when I came out of the closet as a Libertarian, at which time I thought that things would remain tolerable-but-worsening for the rest of my natural life, whereas now I very much doubt that. I’m thinking “tipping point” here.

    Like it seems other commenters at this blog, I’ve reluctantly shifted to the position that traditional libertarian issues are now secondary and dependent on the demographics issue, an issue that simply wasn’t an issue in the days of Von Mises, Rothbard or Rand. Liberty is only a possibility in a high trust society; that has been leaking away for decades and the leak is becoming a torrent.

    So yes, today I am a pessimist. Arcane traditional Libertarian debates about anarcho-capitalism, the gold standard and the philosophy of John Locke seem rather pointless at the moment. The substrate for the society we want is literally vanishing by the day.

    • This is because most people who either could, or would, do anything to stop this now are terrorized into silence; the desperate, strategically-focussed minority doing this thing has now got its ways in place for silencing anyone that even mildly displeases it on coming to its attention, and without recourse to any kind of “squad” a-la-Mexico/Latin-America etc.

      If you read the second comment (mine) at the top, you’ll see one of these ways. In this case, the fella held a personal grudge, and the subsequent events were not of “establishment initiation”. However, they might equally well have been so in other imaginable scenarios. I wonder increasingly what sorts of torments reserved by Dante for the Damned are to be strangely and seemingly-randomly visited on any or all prominent “outers” in the coming EU referendum.

      Ordinary right thinking people (that is to say; those who are right) have too much to lose by visibly stepping out of line. By such people’s very nature, they are peculiarly un-susceptible to being convened for any political action in any numbers that would matter and also (importantly) simultaneously. They have lives which can be ruined, electronically now and almost at will, by the Establishment.

      All these people, appearing in very small numbers and now and then, can be publicly picked-off and destroyed individually at no cost; like a gardener who has got his garden by now so well drilled that the mere appearance of a small weed can be dealt with by hand in a few seconds. Nazis love tidiness.

      Sadly, most people willingly undergo dis-education in order to become wrong. This is the opposite of “right” [see above.] And these poor sods don’t even notice it’s been going on for more than two generations. Overall, this has been an extraordinarily clever job of total civilizational dismantlement, carried out over the thick-end of two hundred years. It’s hard to see how the inevitable result would benefit anyone, even the “Righteous”, the “Forgers Of The New World Order” – call them what you will. But there has to be something in it for them, and i invite commenters to suggest what that might be.

    • The demographic shift is indeed ominous. I was surprised to read that English people will be a minority in 2066, when I could still be around at 97 years of age. It has been a fundamentally evil thing to have done to us. But more of liberty subsists here than elsewhere — and the real loss of liberty will probably be after our expiry…. It seems silly to object to Sean’s article above.

    • Surprised this “all is well” comment has resurfaced. rather like the ritual New Year firework display to please the masses.
      Well said Aynuk and others..Sean doesn’t have any problems with the authorities because he (and the others)don’t do anything apart from spout in comfortable surroundings. At one time the police had to investigate an allegation and have proof BEFORE they could arrest. now they arrest you, bail you for endless months while they trawl for evidence!!! all is well, indeed to the blinkered.

      Nick Griffin at least had the guts to say things as they are and of course the fact that he had he had to undergo the threat of imprisonment is ok according to Sean in his version of a free society.>!!Nick was prevented being elected in Tower Hamlets by Margaret Hodge (!) who used the votes of aliens to get elected. Need I say more??The famous Cockneys whom Hitler could not driive out with his bombs have been driven out by the pressures of migration and its mass supporters and we are not allowed here to point the finger at the culprits.
      What is the point of free speech if your freedom to act upon your wishes and discriminate to protect your home land has been heavily proscribed by tyrannical laws??
      What is the point of voting for a political party if you have to have the whole “package” and your freedom to choose is confined to which of the “packages” you select – a collectivist prospect bordering on tyranny as there is no opt out Cloud cuckoo is putting it mildly I am afraid.

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