An Interview with a Russian Think Tank


  1. This was an excellent interview. It made me realise how policy inertia has kept us in the EU since 1990. Any forward-thinking leader would have said “OK, the Berlin Wall is down, so now we’re leaving the EU!” And the funny thing is that, as much as that would have been decried as Trump-like, doing that then would have saved us the Euro crisis and its destructive effects on so many European countries. I’m not in favour of a new grand-scheme-style European organisation. I would like an informal agreement among European and European-descended nations to look out for each other on the world stage and to give priority to each other’s populations where immigrants and skills were required. You could summon them all, including Russia, Australia etc, to Westminster and issue a Westminster declaration on this. At the moment, none of us face genuine military threats and we don’t need to band together in an organisation looking for a military purpose to justify its existence.

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