Godfrey Bloom vs. Socialist ‘Worker’

This morning, on the JVS Show, on BBC Three Counties Radio, Godfrey Bloom tangled with Tomáš Tengely-Evans, a socialist ‘worker’, while discussing the recent welfare story concerning Claire Young. This lady recently spent £2,000 pounds on Christmas presents for her children whilst living entirely on state welfare benefits.

If you’d like to listen to this debate, please click on the audio link below.

Mr Bloom actually stops speaking at 12:15, but if you would like to hear Mr Tengely-Evans being handsomely shredded by Jonathan Vernon-Smith, please keep listening:

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  1. God, that was depressing to hear. How people can support the misuse of the system like this is unbelievable. Did that guy from the Socialist Workers’ party not recognise the irony of brining up cases where benefits were meagre and inadequate when there are people like this on £45000 pa ?

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