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The Way of the World

by Daniel Jupp

They lied on the efficacy of masks. They lied on the lab leak origin of the virus. They lied on the dangers of the virus. They lied on the necessity of lockdowns. They lied on the effectiveness of lockdowns. They lied on behalf of the people who had created the virus. They lied on behalf of China. They lied on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies who had created a rushed, ineffective and dangerous ‘cure’. They lied about places that didn’t have a lockdown. They lied about the effectiveness of ivermectin and other treatments that were banned or ignored.

Half the population of the planet has been injected with an experiment and nobody knows the full consequences yet. Millions have suffered and died because of the lies. Basic freedoms are now entirely conditional on the say so of thoroughly corrupt charlatans and crooks.

The lies put people in hospital. The lies ruined businesses and economies. The lies allowed other lies and the lies killed people who would otherwise be alive.

And over 190 countries are going to sign a treaty putting these liars in total control of all future pandemic responses, so there won’t even be the illusion of choice on a national level about any of the devastating, evil, deadly and insane things that are done in the name of ‘your safety’.

In a sane world, WHO would be under intense investigation, and swiftly closed down with several of its leaders facing criminal charges. In an honest world, the media would by telling everyone exactly what financial links lay behind the decision making, and exactly who profited. Those people too would be facing criminal charges. There would moves to make lockdown responses criminal offences, where they aren’t in various ways already criminal offences. There would be an immediate halt on all gain of function research. There would be sanctions on China. There would be many, many arrests and investigations into the connections between politicians and pharmaceutical companies. We would be watching court cases against those who signed massive and corrupt deals, and against those who injected kids with a novel poison.

There would be government after government falling and former leaders behind bars because we know that they all lied and that these lies were deadly.

But in THIS world, there are people fucking dumb enough to celebrate Ukraine ‘winning’ a rigged song contest for the shittiest type of music ever invented.

Because that’s what matters.

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