6. The Search for Stability (The Greeks and the Others)

Here is a series of lectures given by Sean Gabb in 2022, in which he discusses the influence of the Greeks on the other peoples of the Ancient World. For reasons of politeness and data protection, all student contributions have been removed.

This sixth lecture in the course explains how victory in the great war with Persia led to the Classical age of Greek civilisation, but also to growing political instability that spilled over into a series of long and crippling wars that seemed likely to destroy that civilisation. It covers attemps by Persia to impose stability from outside – strictly, of course, in its own interests. It also covers the successful attempt by Philip of Macedon to conquer Greece and to end all its disputes. The lecture runs to the death of Philip and the early accession of Alexander. Much reliance on Plutarch, Arrian, Quintus Curtius and Florus.

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