Dreaming of Dollars

by Michael Wood

What does it take to get people to lift their eyes away from the BBC/CNN/Guardian/Sun and look for the truth about Ukraine?  I reproduce here extensive quotes from an article in the Kiev Independent by Igor Kossov (second section), and a correspondent inside the Ukraine with military experience (first section).

The burning question that ought to be exercising everyone (but which obviously isn’t) is WHY?

Why are we wasting our taxpayers money funding the Ukraine? – so far approximately $50 billion have been sent to the Ukraine by Britain and America.   Most of that is in the form of arms and ammunition …… out of our existing stocks …. ALL of which must be replaced.  The UK cannot at this point in time fight a war anywhere because we have given away so much of our own stocks of ammunition that we are effectively defenceless.  The USA had run down so much of its ammunition production that it has to buy replenishments from a manufacturer in South Korea.

So what is driving us?  Who is driving us?

The answer in all of modern day politics is:  Follow the money.

Who, in the west, profits from war?   The answer today is beautifully simple.   A gigantic private $15 trillion finance company in the USA – BlackRock owns a controlling interest in ALL of the great American arms producing companies and all of the British arms producing companies and the South Korean ammunition producing industry.  It also owns a controlling interest in ALL of the American Main Stream Media companies.   It profits from every replenishment in ammunition, missiles, tanks, aircraft, small arms etc., that the west must make to replace everything sent to the Ukraine.  It is in Blackrock’s interests to prolong the war as much as possible.  BlackRock has signed an agreement with the government of the Ukraine to run the rebuilding of Ukraine infrastructure if the war ends. A BlackRock employee recently interviewed on American independent online TV stated that BlackRock “buys” Senators and Congressmen.  Larry Fink the billionaire Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock is thought to be the real president of America in that he can and does determine much of White House policy

“In the end it’s a simple numbers game, and Russian doctrines and military theory and experience underpins the tools and strategies to “grind out” victory .

Lacking any ability to achieve real strategic breakthroughs or battlefield victories, Ukraine’s only “proactive” option is to continue creating a string of perception-management ‘tokens’ which can be used to drive public sentiment and belief just enough to reach the next such ‘optic’.

For instance, the F-16 “optic” is a while away, Abrams “optic” is closer, but I think that the  two Challenger2 tanks already destroyed after the Panther failures and the French armoured car fiasco, finally undercuts the western myth that Western/NATO equipment is “better” and “battle changing/war winning”….HIMARS, M777/Storm Shadows?  All countered effectively, and coming next ATACMS (long range small missiles at $1,476,000 each) are no remedy for West’s vanity and arrogance in underestimating the Russians.

Possibly ahead, we will now see a growing realisation that the yawning abyss of hopeless loss lies from now to then. In order to stave off the collapse of public trust the West will send Ukraine new “shiny toys” to bridge the reality gap and briefly manage public perception up until the F-16s can be arranged. And they too will fail because of the difficulties of maintaining them in the field, they are NATO delicate machines that require expert maintenance after every flight, they require special airfields, and maintenance engineers with years of training.

Until then, the new, immediate perception-token will be the ATACMS missile, as new hints from the Biden administration have leaked that imply they are very close to greenlighting this next wunderwaffe. “Should it be delivered, the ATACMS will be used to make a couple of big splashes somewhere—most likely a civilian area unprotected by Air Defence in Donbass, which will be crudely packaged and sold, as ever, by mainstream press as a “devastating blow” to a putative Russian “critical C2/C3 node” or logistics rear. That will restart the cycle of driving hope in some Ukrainian ‘victory’, which will continue on with ever-diminishing returns, each new ‘wunderwaffe’ not only having less and less impact, but an ever-shorter lifespan. Though it’s hard to imagine how much shorter it can get than the week-long flameouts of the Storm Shadow or JDAM, but it doesn’t mean they won’t try to stretch its significance.”

“The NATO officers don’t understand the reality on the ground.

“A NATO infantryman knows he’s supported and can advance with the confidence that there’s a high likelihood that he won’t be killed or maimed,” .

The NATO way of war calls for massive preparatory airstrikes and artillery barrages and de-mining before the infantry is sent in.

It usually doesn’t work that way in Ukraine.

Between the country’s tiny, old air force, ancient T-64 tanks, and a continuing shortage of artillery shells and infantry vehicles, it often falls to infantry to hold the line against Russian probing attacks and occasional assaults, supported by overwhelming artillery and huge numbers of drones.

Troops said they sometimes struggle to apply NATO small unit tactics because there often isn’t enough cover to do so.……. the skills of how to smoke an enemy out from a trench, how to build an assault group, and coordinate it with artillery and drone support were lacking.

The style of battle in the Ukrainian countryside, blending World War I trench combat and 21st-century tech and tactics, is only seen in Ukraine — it is outside NATO’s wheelhouse.


In other words:  the Ukrainian government of largely former actors and former media people have no military expertise and are blindly following NATO directions, which are faulty because (1) they totally underestimated the military technological advances of Russia, and (2) they rely on tactics which are useless in the Ukraine.     Russia is using its tactics of holding its infantry back and awaiting Ukrainian infantry advance, then employing massive artillery barrages to kill large numbers of unprotected Ukrainian soldiers.   NATO tactics assume a back up of artillery and air power that simply isn’t there for the Ukrainians.  The estimated Ukrainian losses of 300,000 men are devastating, as evidenced by interviews with the present largely untrained Ukrainian units in the field.  There are very recent reports of Ukrainian units simply refusing to go into battle.

This war will meander on until the Armed Forces of the Ukraine finally collapse, at which point BlackRock will have to foment a war elsewhere …… the follow-on from Ukraine.  Where will it be?  The Middle East?  Syria failed because Russia stepped in decisively.  A nice little proxy war between the Iranian-backed Kurds and Turkey perhaps?  That will have the potential of flaring into a truly major war involving all sides.


  1. Excellent analysis. I am dismayed at the way so many people swallow the childish anti-Russian propaganda put out by the BBC and the corporate media. People refuse to acknowledge the level of provocation to which NATO and the US have subjected Russia, to the point where Putin felt he had no option but to act.
    The war would have been over long ago had not Boris Johnson been despatched by Joe Biden to scupper the peace deal that was on the table in March last year.
    Nobody seems to ask why it is imperative that we keep this war going. Is it really so important that Ukraine join NATO that we are prepared to risk nuclear war to achieve that end?
    You are quite right to say ‘follow the money’. Raytheon and the other arms manufacturers are making a fortune out of this war. They in turn donate to the politicians who want to keep the war going ‘for as long as it takes’. It’s a circular money-go-round, from the taxpayers to the arms manufacturers to the politicians, minus Zelenksy’s cut plus ‘10% for the Big Guy’.
    If you will forgive me, I would question some of your numbers – although I don’t know whether my figures are more accurate than yours; the figure I have for US money and weaponry to Ukraine is $185 billion not 50; BlackRock controls $10 trillion not 15; the number of Ukrainians killed so far is 400,000 not 300.
    Still, it doesn’t matter, because, as Mitt Romney and others have said “No Americans are being killed”. That may change if Putin nukes DC of course.

    • Utter bullshit.

      You’re clearly following the vatnik line and swallowing ruZZian propaganda

      This is so disappointing to the point of childish and pathetic – exactly what you accuse others of.

      The war could EASILY end with the simple withdrawal of the Russian aggressor.

      Your armchair analysis of just how a war should be fought is lamentable and clearly shows lack of any clear understanding – again following the russian line of propaganda. When two countries blame each other for nazism, any wise man will check and see who is bombing hospitals; destroying infrastructure; actively committing genocide.
      Russia has the authoritarian dictator – not Ukraine. Russia has the rigged one sided elections, not Ukraine. Russia suppresses freedom of the press, not Ukraine. Russia is intolerant of free speech, not Ukraine. Russia kills or imprisons oponents, not Ukraine. Russia has belief in national supremecy, not Ukraine. Russia gets away with seizing territory, not Ukraine. Russia lies about it’s military plans, not Ukraine. The list goes on. Are you really that naive?

      I’d insult you, but it seems like that would be completely pointless, as nature has already done a far better job of it than I could ever achieve

      • You can arrive at very different analyses of the situation, depending where you start from. If you start counting from the beginning of last year, as you seem to be doing, then yes, Russia is indeed the aggressor. But the further back in time you go, and the more you study the underlying issues, the longer the list of NATO provocations becomes, and the more inevitable Putin’s ultimate response also becomes.
        You are right about one thing, however; Ukraine does not have ‘rigged, one-sided elections’, like Russia does. Zelensky cancelled them altogether.

    • You are forgetting that BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have cross shareholdings and intertwined boards – BlackRock is the biggest, and controls it all, combined they have 15 trillion. There are estimates of Ukrainian losses varying from 200,000 to 400,000, I suspect the total is actually somewhat over 300,000. Actually my friends in Ukraine (west) believe that around 100 plus American/NATO advisers in the two big control centers that have been hit, were killed. How much America/UK have given UK depends upon what is being counted ….. cash and arms or arms alone and whether original cost or replacement cost is being quoted.

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