Let’s concentrate on the important stuff…

…while greenazis demand a cut of £57 trillion in output, so we all have to become starving subsistence-farmers and yet live in the land that was the most efficient mechanized farming machine in the world – what they will love while they drive their SUV – and this is what the Paras were doing in the meantime….protecting the bastards’ right to flay us all with hunger and cold.

Libertarianism? Yes, for non-stalinists I think it’s good plan to be libertarian, and you might therefore be able to behave usefully as a sovereign individual in such a civilisation – ‘coz you’d know how to, sort of – but I’m not sure I’d any more want to die for a greenazi’s right to oppose us…not after what’s gone before. You know, guns and death and stuff, and “freedom fighters”. Skulls everywhere, many smashed and with biggish blast-holes: millions of the things… Year Zero; that sort of scumbag rubbish. Some things can’t be forgiven. I’d “let God sort them out”, from now on. Too much blood has flowed under the bridges, for us to be merciful any more.

I begin to understand the anger in blogs like the Devil, and Obnoxio, and Mr Eugenides….and all the others….we have tried to be patient men, but sometimes it does not work any more.

David Davis

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