Porn … Why can’t politicians (or their husbands) be paid to watch the stuff?

Just have a look at this lot, and see who you’d want to shag. Just do:-


slags, 10p an hour
slags, 10p an hour...they pay you.


Perhaps you’d rather have these. here are a couple…

David Davis

After all, are not these politicians, and their hereditary family-successors-in-office, and their “advisers”, supposed to be our Guardians? Are not they supposed to know what it is that the masses should be prevented from seeing?

__Surely___  , what is more important here is why, exactly, “Mrs” “Jacqui” “Smith” …

(1) needs someone called a “Commons Adviser”, and…

(2) it needs to be her “hus-band”?

Isn’t she in the House of Commons because she knows why she is there and what she thinks she ought to do? What was the point of electing her if she needed “advice”? Is her “hus-band” actually directing Interior Ministry policy? I think we ought to be told.

Other bloggers have missed the real issue here. He can watch all the porn he likes, but he must not influence policy except by his vote.

Or did all the “Blair Babes” need advice? If so, then about what? If she really does not need advice, then why can’t her “hus-band” watch porn movies to assuage his misery at being associated with such a bad person?

Guido Fawkes does not think it’s right that Mr Jaqcui Smith should have his w***s paid for by the taxpayer. I think it’s cheaper than paying his “wife” for not living in other people’s houses.

Oh dear: soon I shall be in a minority of one. The Devil rips the trousers of the Smiths too. For my part, I think that petting the bastards have £67 for some pornography is small change: after all, tha poor fellow couldn’t get a proper wife to shag, so he had to make do with a socialist hardbint from the 80s Hertford JCR, who has a face like the underside of a gearbox. Christ knows what the rest of her body is like: I guess it’s a mercy she does not appear in the cited films. (Or does she?)

Frankly, I think the other really heavy stuff all these buggers claim for is much worse, like people they don’t really employ, such as family members (you can’t shag your children – at least not unless you are a GramscoFabiaNazi, and even then it’s hard to get away with at present) and other people’s houses which they never live in.

UPDATE1:– I think The Last Ditch has it actually right here.


  1. I entirely agree (if I’ve understood you correctly). The porn is a side issue, or rather a non-issue. It might titillate a few Daily Mail readers, but there’s nothing wrong with a man watching an adult movie. Neither is there any particular great scandal that it was booked on expenses. A tenner is neither here nor there. It’s not particularly right, and worthy of a slapped wrist, but it’s not a national scandal. It means these people are at least mildly human. It may even mean Jacqui is sexually normal enough to raise some kind of argument in cabinet against Harperson’s roaring feminazi anti-sexualism. Probably not, but you never know.

    The problem here is the stultifyingly puritanical “public morality” (Gramsco-marxy fans will instantly think “cultural hegemony” and be quite correct thar) of the Anglosphere, which has been making Englishmen and our cultural brethren miserable since the nineteenth century evangelical revivals that imposed it (and lead to what I have dubbed “Anglosocialism”, the socialism of our sphere which is primarily focussed on moral reform rather than Prussian-style precision planning. I am hoping to popularise this term. Please tell your friends.) While public figures can be pilloried for renting an adult movie, we will never have good governance.

    More in my forthcoming monograph “Naughty But Nice: The Moral Schizophrenia of the Anglosphere”. 🙂

  2. Well I was joking but half serious, David. If you’re foolish enough to be interested in what I may put together, maybe I could write something you could post here as a teaser 🙂

    I think there’s some merit in looking at the roots of our flava of socialism as I think there may be something to be gained from an understanding.

    Or maybe I’m talking a load of old cobblers.

  3. I’ve been wondering about it for a while Ian. you just got there first.

    Tony, can you get a wordpress login please, so I can apply you to the list? Then I can put you on the blog. Ian too if you are interested.

  4. Save:

    !Tony, can you get a wordpress login please, so I can apply you to the list? Then I can put you on the blog. Ian too if you are interested.”

    I have no experience of this “WordPress.” Just tell me the steps! TVM!


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