These are not the kind of people who ought to rule popular culture

Certainly not these.

David Davis

I;ve seen a ghost

Sorry: the fellow is just beyond the bounds of ridiculosity – he does not even quite qualify as a properly-self-regarding prat.

His wife, bless the poor love, even jets around the planet saving it, while burning paraffin by the ton.

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  1. Dear People of the Librarian Alliance,

    We the heads of The League of Diabolical Despots (consisting of Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Charlie Chaplin, Idi Amin Dada, Joseph Stalin, Atilla the Hun and Zulu king Mpande) have after lengthy debate decided to appoint Sting as our link between the afterlife and the mortal world. Through his mouth will flow the truths we create and you will in turn take those truths to your breast and make them your own or face a 14 hour dry humping with what looks to be an unkempt ginger hobo.

    Best of luck among the fields of barley,
    The League of Diabolical Despots

    PS Hitler has asked that we make it clear that the best of luck comment doesn’t apply to Jews, gays, those with physical or mental disabilities and anyone with Gypsy blood.

    PPS Pol Pot would like it to be known that his vote went to Brian Blessed.

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