I see that Gold is quite rocky, today…

David Davis

One of my pet achievements is to have been able to paste “widgets” such as the excellent Kitco charts that you see beside you on this sidebar. Not being a tech-guy, and not knowing even the square-root-of-effing-all about something called “HTML”, or even “cascading style sheets” (search me, guv!) I gave myself a pat on the back for these being on here at all.

It is an interesting and fun exercise to watch them, even down to the hour, as they react to what the loliticians on the MSM are saying and doing. Gold seems especially rocky today, I am not sure why, but it has not really tested the heights of the last week or fortnight or so. I wonder why it’s so jumpy, and yet not stratospheric? Can anyone enlighten us?


  1. Euro problems = risk-aversion = gold up
    U.S. Dollar up = gold down
    inflation outlook down = gold down

  2. Don’t overlook the “Later Fool” effect.

    People pay crazy prices for things in the belief that — when they decide to sell — a big-spending fool will come along to buy them out. There’s a lot of this about in the markets.


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