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Dephomenocracy, or Rule by Wankers

by Daniel Jupp

In reality the globalists have already defeated themselves.

They let China buy them, and now China is too powerful to deal with. They destroyed their own manufacturing base to make quick, easy bucks off Chinese sweatshops, and now they have no industrial muscle with which to protect their own power base.

They built their replacement.

Of course they thought this was ok, because they were going to conquer the world. Transnational bodies were the future gig, the western nation state just a temporary springboard to better things.

China would be seduced. Chinese leaders would be just like western leaders. Unencumbered by any loyalty to their nation of origin, full of modern bullshit notions. They’d have transgender friendly toilets in no time. Look at Thailand. Wall to wall ladyboys and a few temples for tourists.

Only China had no intention of being just a globalist fuck palace and cheap labour source. China remembered too well what it was like to be pinned down and screwed in the arse by the West, and that was by a West that itself meant something. They were never going to let pathetic modern western weaklings use them. They knew we had run out of mad but glorious adventurers with balls of steel. What were they supposed to fear, purple haired women’s studies graduates who can’t tell you what a woman even is?

So the Chinese paid the bribes, took the industries, and quietly built up everything. While the West set about teaching nurses that men can give birth through their penis.

Now they are accelerating their replacement, crippling the West with mad eco loony doomsday bullshit to go along with the confused gender nonsense. India, China, Russia and developing nations won’t give a shit for any of that stuff, except to sell the West junk they made quicker and cheaper because they aren’t trying to power a modern nation with windmills. While the West still has money, accumulated from centuries of westerners who weren’t total fucking idiots, it will keep flowing away to places which are now better and brighter than we are.

Even the compensations are accelerating the decline. Can’t deal with China….let’s bully Russia. Yeah, Russia, dance bear, we are the ‘international community’. Leaders with barely five frigates and a border collie to their name, or just ten tanks and a regiment of elite lesbians, strut the world stage in a grotesque mockery of a patriotism they do not feel and a strength they do not possess. Fat frauds like Johnson rattle ancient sabres dug out of the closet, when everyone knows the West wouldn’t fight, couldn’t fight, and certainly would never WIN a fight against anyone serious.

And even on the economic front…the sanctions, the grotesque seizures of assets. All these do is speed the destruction of the petrodollar, pushing other nations towards the gold standard and their own financial networks free from the thievery and bullying of the globalists. Better economic minds than mine have asserted that this might well be deliberate, a sort of suicidal sacrifice of the encumbered old system in order to offer a rescue fully digital currency that comes with a neat package of perpetual slavery for the average citizen.

Like shooting yourself in the face for the insurance money.

Militarily it’s all as absurd as it is economically. The same nations that put out recruitment campaigns suggesting the strongest qualification for being in the Army and trained to kill people is having two mummies are going to win real wars, are they? We fight proxy wars because that’s the only way you can destroy another nation whilst still having plenty of time to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

The same nations that shut down their entire economic output for a bad case of the sniffles are ready for nuclear conflict? They aren’t ready for and able to resist somebody using the ‘wrong pronoun’ at an office party.

So we end up risking world war three and spunking away yet more billions of our rapidly declining wealth for empty gestures and vanity tours, all the time knowing that we have done everything we accuse Russia of doing, only less honestly. We send more billions to Ukraine, knowing it will probably either fund weapons eventually fired against us, or it will go straight into the bank accounts, never to be seen again, of various Ukrainian oligarchs.

Whilst our grannies ride the bus all day because they can’t afford heating, and the people who spout about the freedom of Ukraine rapidly take away the freedom we were born with.

If it’s not deliberate and calculated destruction, if it’s not designed to ruin the West and all its people, if it’s not some sick conspiracy to level the world and start again, it is a stupidity so vast it renders the stratagems of amoebas and the dreams of ticks and lice equal to the finer works of Shakespeare. Stupidity on this scale has a gravity beyond its utter lack of seriousness. It manages to be deadly comic. It is a black hole of thought and sense, a howling emptiness that roars and wails and pipes and moans in voices called ‘Macron’, ‘Trudeau’, ‘’Biden’ and ‘Johnson’ but which really are the voices of a single beast, the dumbest thing that ever breathed.

The dumb bit is if they are innocent. If it’s intentional, it’s far worse.

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