Emmanuel Goldstein strikes again!

By Andy Duncan, Vice-Chairman of Mises UK

Democrats in the United States are now demanding war, death, and destruction in the Middle-East, in places most of them would be unable to point to on a globe. Why? Because Donald Trump is trying to reduce war, death, and destruction in the Middle-East, or at least he’s trying to reduce American involvement in such terrible things. One is of course reminded of George Orwell’s quote from Nineteen-Eighty-Four:

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

Once again it seems the elites have been using Mr Orwell’s dystopian novel as a guidebook for their own continuing power over the rest of us, rather than as a portentive Cassandran warning.

Personally, I would like to congratulate President Trump for withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria, and hopefully later from Afghanistan too, to reduce the destruction wrought by elite globalism. Though no doubt he’s merely serving the whims of that global puppet-master, that Emmanuel Goldstein himself, Vladimir Putin.

But what is the United States doing anyway in such places? Was it not founded on the ambition of George Washington to avoid permanent alliances and Thomas Jefferson’s wish to avoid entangling alliances? Are two oceans really not enough to defend America, plus the largest and most technologically advanced set of armed forces in the world? The American Democrats make me sick with their double-think and their hypocrisy. Keep going, Sir Donald!

Anyhow, enough of that. Here’s an excellent interview on the subject, between Jeff Deist and Dave Smith. As our American friends would say, enjoy y’all!


  1. I hope this means I am about to be proved wrong in one of my predictions about Donald Trump. I said previously that he was a neo-conservative – not out of choice, but more because this was the result of a dominant view of U.S. geopolitical interests. Maybe he’s going against the grain? I just think back to that AIPAC convention when he practically crawled to the podium and kissed their behinds, but maybe that was all tactical? The thing to look for is deeper change in the federal government and the agencies.

    If he’s been playing the game astutely and he really is changing things, then all I can say is: Good for you, President Trump. And I’m glad for ordinary Americans. Nobody wants young American men to go off to unnecessary wars and die or return grievously injured or maimed.

  2. An excellent article, otherwise spoiled by the ridiculous comment about Vladimir Putin. “No doubt”? I presume, then, you have proof (or any evidence) that Putin is pulling Trump’s strings? If this line was (as I hope) an attempt at sarcasm and humour it was a poor one and, given this is the go to line for war-mongering Democrats and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, the intention should have been made clearer.

    • After listening to the video, I realise sarcasm was most probably the intention. I just see these kinds of views stated so often, non-ironically and deadly-seriously, that I no longer feel the usual shock or disbelief when I see them. My ability to detect sarcasm on this topic is almost completely thrown out of kilter. Many Democrats and Trump haters would read what you wrote sarcastically about Putin and believe you are making a good and serious point. Maybe a sarcasm alert is actually necessary!

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