Wish I’d known this three days ago.

David Davis

Hat tip Legiron. Ahhhhh….those Gramsco-Marxians, again.

I guess that if the world had never contained Gramsco-Marxians, then there would be by now no poverty, no war, no invented “Palestinians”, no “Sudeten-Germans”, no Lenin, no Stalin, no Fabians, no Houston Stuart-Chamberlain, no Kenneth Tynan, no BBC, no Hitler or Mussolini, no Pol Pot, no Kim Jong-Il, no Clintons, no Hamas, no Hizb’-u’allah (or whatever it’s called) no Saddam, no ….. all the rest.

And there’d be nothing to bolg about. WE’d all have to go out and get rich instead.

Everyone would have a huge flat-screen Wireless Tele Vision, a job for life with a private firm that was intensely profitable, and be able to shag whom they liked.


  1. Your reader can’t tell what the link points to because it’s a link to an RSS feed rather than a specific article.

    Gabb has a (non academic and not very rigorous) stab at addressing the role of the Frankfurt mob in the modern mess in his Cultural Revolution, Culture War.

    Gabb’s work did inspire me to read most of the wiki entries on the stars of the po-mo mob such as Foucalt, Lacan, Althusser, Gramsci, et al. What a bunch of loons. I mean really, really.

    I think they’re more use to the collectivists as tools with which to damage bright young minds than as a revolutionary program or whatever.

    I think we’d do better if we understood how the progressives won in the period 1840 – 1920 despite the likes of Spencer, Bastiat, Molinari, and Herbert trouncing them in rational debate.

    Mind you I can’t be arsed to do original research and just want to be spoon fed some answers.

  2. I’d like to help.

    But really I’m a retired-biochemist not a political-science-historian. I just do this blog because mostly nobody else does. I take your point about 1840-1920, ‘coz that’s where I simply notice that thigs really went wrong in allowing the buggers in.

    Sean himself would know:

  3. I didn’t ask Sean but I did read his paper “How English Liberty Was Created by Accident and Custom – and Then Destroyed by Liberals”. Which was excellent – truly informative and full of leads.

    I shall write to Sean over the weekend.

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